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The DotGO portal is full of amazing features and plugins that can transform your websites visual design and usability. Learn how to manage and make the most out of your DotGO website.

Rich Merritt is the General Manager at DotGO. He has a love of website design, small business development and craft beers.

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How do I showcase my work online?

Whether you have a finished project you wish to showcase, or a series of products you’d like your customers to see, DotGO are here to make this easy for you.  more  

How do I take a deposit for my services?

Taking a deposit online for your services should be simple – with DotGO, it is.  more  

How to update your website while keeping it “light”

Once your DotGO website is complete, it’s in your hands and you can change it whenever you want! Here’s how to keep it lightning-fast.  more  

How to nail your “About” Page

An “About” page is a key part of showing your customers who you are and earning their trust. Here’s how to make it count.  more  

What images can I use on my website?

A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure that the ones on your DotGO website say what you need them to. We’ll find the perfect ones for your site and help you avoid hefty ...  more  

Shouldn’t I just build a one-page website?

When you first approach the idea of building a new website, you might imagine that a single page with everything on it would be the best choice.  more  

How do I share important information with my customers?

As all shop owners and service providers will know, things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes, you need to share information quickly or risk losing sales. Here’s how to get info ac...  more  

How to use customer reviews on your website

When it comes to building trust with your target market, one sentence from a happy customer means more than an essay from you.  more  

Why do we have a monthly subscription?

At DotGO, we have two charges for our valuable service – a design fee and a monthly subscription. The first is the car, the second is the petrol.  more  

How to transfer your domain away from GoDaddy

A step-by-step guide on how to transfer your website domain away from GoDaddy.  more