In March 2024 all Google Business Profile websites will be turned off by Google. The explanation for this is that there has been low take up of these websites, and Google is focusing its energies elsewhere. However this leaves thousands of businesses stranded.

While they will be adding redirects to customers' Google Business Profiles for around three months, after the 10th of June, the domains to the websites will be closed too, meaning that anyone visiting will see a ‘page not found' error instead.

Google statement

In early January Google released this statement:

"Domains that end with and will be removed from the website field on your Business Profile in March. We recommend that you update your Google Business Profile to point to a new website…

If you'd like to continue having a website for your business, consider creating a new website using other tools and updating your Business Profile with the new website address.”

A spokesperson from Google, Molly Shaheen, added:

“Due to low engagement, we are winding down websites made with Business Profiles, which previously created basic, templated websites based on Business Profile information. Small business owners will continue to have access to Business Profiles, as well as ads landing pages if they don't maintain a website, and other resources to connect with potential customers online."

This gives owners of Business Profile websites three months to find an alternative online home.


What can you do about it?

If you're effected by the closure of Google Business Profile websites then you have two options:

1) Go without a website and lose their online independence, relying on Facebook or Instagram profiles to attract their internet customers.

2) Strike while the iron is hot, and build their own professional website, so their business can rise to the next level.

If you are considering option 2, DotGO is here to help - and we want to give you a £100 discount to get started.

As a completely independent website company, we are not reliant on third parties for website platforms or content. We have been providing high quality websites for small businesses across the UK, and internationally, for 20 years.

Our reputation speaks for itself with over 600 five star Trustpilot reviews over the last six years, and an ongoing commitment to providing the very best service and helping our clients make connections with their customers online.


"If you'd like to continue having a website for your business, consider creating a new website using other tools and updating your Business Profile with the new website address.”


Why DotGO?

DotGO offer three website packages, Lite, Pro, and Complete. You can use your £100 discount from us on any one of these packages, simply fill out the form below.

For people who wish to replace their Business Profile websites with something simple, fast, and low-maintenance, a DotGO Lite Site is the perfect solution.

Then again, for businesses looking to move upwards, a DotGO Pro Site, which has four, content-rich main pages, and up to 10 service pages, alongside full Search Engine Optimisation and unique design throughout.

Or for even more ambitious entrepreneurs, a Complete Site that offers social media setup, professional blog writing, and customised branding, is a great upgrade to any online profile.

In addition to this, DotGO are specialists at migrating websites from one location to another. We can replicate your existing website design, or create a brand new design with your website package.

We will also assist with your domain, and utilise any existing content, along with your input to create website content that will be attractive and marketable to your clients.

Unlike Wix and many other website platforms, DotGO will allocate you your own designer, and writer, who will perform all the technical and creative work for you. If you opt for a Pro or Complete package, they will also train you how to edit your website, so you can change it and develop it according to your business needs.

Our websites are beautiful, responsive, and work hard for our clients. Alongside writing and design, we do all the work in the background to make sure your website will never let you down.






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