Ecommerce website design

Affordable ecommerce websites, designed for small businesses 

Think of us as your online shopfitters + extras.  We decorate your shop, we stock your shelves and we configure the cash registers (Stripe and Paypal).  You and your shop are then ready to give your customers a wonderful experience. 

Managing your stock, orders and customers quickly and easily is crucial.  Our platform gives you the tools and we give you the training.  It's all part of our service. 


Our ecommerce websites are

  • affordable 
  • beautifully designed
  • easy to maintain 
  • a joy to use 







We use our own unique software

Your website and your shop on a single platform. Both are designed to work together!

  • Affordable. We don't pay anyone else for our software, meaning you get an affordable ecommerce website.
  • Intuitive. You only need to learn one set of tools.  You will never log in to ecommerce software made by another company.
  • Safe. We share NOTHING. Your data and customers' data are NOT held by some other company overseas.
  • More sales. Your customers stay on your site throughout the process. NEVER directed away from your website for checkout and then passed back (does that sound familiar?). 
  • Always up-to-date. Fast upgrades as soon as they are available.    
  • Stylish and slick. We integrate the ecommerce and website design software together. This ensures your website looks stunning.





Stocking Your Shelves

  • Spreadsheet. Upload your entire online inventory using a spreadsheet.  Watch as your items magically appeared exactly where you expect. 
  • Ebay shop?  We offer one-click integration that builds your ecommerce website from your listings.
  • Clone items that are similar with a single click, create templates to make item entry consistent. Bulk-upload unlimited images for each item. 
  • Fast and simple tools make EVERY aspect of running your shop easy and intuitive.  
  • Google optimised.  Total control over the way each item in your ecommerce website is optimised for Google and receive specialist support from our team.




Open For Business

Your website is designed, your shelves are stocked and the doors are open! Congratulations, you’re now a store owner!

What happens next ? 

  • Promote your products! Offer bulk discounts, create discount codes for special customers, create flash sales that magically appear on your home page.
  • Variants of your products allow you to sell items in different sizes and colours - whatever you need
  • Postage rules for international customers, special delivery rules eg. courier or click-and-collect.
  • Payment. Offer both PayPal and Stripe payment card options.
  • Upselling.  Encourage up-selling by showing related items together. "Customers who bought this also bought these"
  • Sales.  Respond to demand by making seasonal and responsive styling changes instantly.
  • Wrapping options earn extra cash 

Our simple tools and bulk editor makes it much easier than you might think.



Window Dressing

Your amazing items deserve to be displayed beautifully.

  • Style every aspect of your website, from thumbnails to the way your user zooms in. 
  • Unlimited Images say it all.  Drag and drop unlimited images on each item.
  • Group items together.  Embed uniquely styled groups of items directly into webpages.
  • Infotabs You will love Infotabs. They let you add multiple tabs of beautifully styled, important content to every item instantly and consistently.




Time to Checkout

This is what it’s all about – the sale!

The basket and checkout experience is the moment of truth.

  • Basket values change instantly as items and quantities are changed (no update button to click). Instant cookies allow customers to return to their basket within 10 days and allow you to track abandoned baskets.
  • Checkout is fully customisable.  You decide if the terms and conditions checkbox must be clicked, Setup checkout discount codes, offer gift wrapping. Customers find their address using a fast postcode finder.  Both PayPal and payment card options offered.
  • Post-sale, VAT invoices are created and emailed automatically to you and your customers, stock is adjusted automatically. Digital download links (with a self-destcruct option) are sent to buyers.
    Use the order fulfilment tracking system to manage all your orders, print off address labels and keep an eye on stock levels.

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