Why DotGO

Designing websites for a world that's got better things to do than think about website design.

No false promises and no hidden charges.





We treat others as we want to be treated

We love getting great service - it makes us feel happy.

So we’ve built a business that makes our customers feel the same way.

With good old-fashioned customer service. 

And it shows:

We are now proud to be the  UK's most trusted website design company.



Our evolution

From software development to beautiful website design

  1. In the beginning


    Even before Facebook was launched we started out as a DIY website builder (like WIX and Squarespace). 

  2. Our own software

    2003 - 2013

    We invested BIG in our own software. We won awards and produced over 50,000 websites. We shunned third party solutions (especially Wordpress) developing website-design, ecommerce and email tools.

  3. The problem


    Although tens of thousands of websites rolled out, we were frustrated. Websites were being designed poorly. We realised that small business owners are not website designers or writers.

  4. The idea

    2013 - Today

    Nobody knows our software like we do and nobody knows your business like you do. 
    What if ... we took time to learn about your business -  what if we designed your website with a professional designer, professional writer and professional photographs - and then trained you to make changes yourself.

  5. The solution


    You get the best of both worlds....
    1) A beautiful, optimised, professional website designed in half the time. 
    2) The ability to make changes whenever you want





Proud to be British

We are...DotGO

Where everything is included and everything is managed for you, all at no extra cost.

We design websites to grow your business and wow your customers.

We are a UK company filled with passionate website designers and clever writers.

Friendly, professional and fast customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

Our designers and unique technology make your website quick, responsive and secure, giving you the best chance of ranking well on Google.

If you need a shop, our own powerful ecommerce platform integrates beautifully. We train you to use our simple tools to update your website yourself.

Our UK support team are on hand to provide sensible support and advice whenever you need it. We even power your professional email service, so you stay in contact with your customers by phone, tablet or computer.

Oh, and the best bit? It's cheaper than you may think, and we can get started right now.



You are...

A brave, busy business owner.  You don't have the time (or the inclination) to learn new jargon or how to (re-)design your own website. 

You just need a new website designed. You need it built professionally and launched quickly. You want to make changes when required.

Oh, and you don't want to pay the earth!

How difficult can it be - right?

If we sound like your kind of company

Start NOW


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The DotGO Way

The easiest website design process you'll ever experience

We squeezed 18 years of practice and thousands of websites into a process that feels effortless and fun.  





Every website we design has its challenges  

The DotGO Way evolved to keep things moving by identifying
and resolving issues before they become problems.    

5 simple steps





1. Discovery

Meet our Design Portal.  An amazing collaboration area that helps us share ideas, files and expectations.  We deep dive into your business and learn as much about you as we can.  What are your goals? What makes you unique? What is the purpose of your website? This is where your enthusiasm and ideas meets our imagination.


2. Preparation

We've learned that what look great to us might not look good in your eyes. Our job is to learn what's in your mind.  Your own designer will search for stock images and photos to supplement your own.  This is the time to work with to find the most optimal Google search  phrases to get you found.



3. Content Writing

Have a talk with our amazing Wordsmiths – our content writers will find the right tone of voice , and turn your ideas into engaging, fully Google-optimised web copy.  You also get your own personal copy of this professional written content.   



4. Design

Our time to shine. We've taken our time to learn what is important to you, so we can now bring together all of your ideas, branding, imagery and written content, and design an incredibly beautiful, powerful and responsive website.


5. Finalisation

Before we 'hand you the keys', we make any tweaks required and provide full training so you can make changes and navigate your powerful control panel.



We'd love to tell you more

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