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Building and supporting our Nation's websites for 21 years.

No false promises and no hidden charges.


Big enough to matter, small enough to care


This is what we do.

We love doing it - and we are very good at it.






We treat others as we want to be treated ourselves

We love getting great service - it makes us feel happy. So we've setup our company to make you feel the same way.

Proud to be the UK's most trusted 
website design company







From software development to beautiful website design

  1. In the beginning


    We make your website

    Even before Facebook was launched we started out as a DIY website builder (like WIX and Squarespace). 

  2. Our own software

    2003 - 2013

    DotGO making website making software

    We invested BIG in our own software. We won awards and produced over 50,000 websites. We shunned third party solutions (especially Wordpress) developing website-design, ecommerce and email tools.

  3. The problem


    woman sitting on a website being made by a man on ladder

    Although tens of thousands of websites rolled out, we were frustrated. Websites were being designed poorly. We realised that small business owners are not website designers or writers.

  4. The idea

    2013 - Today

    DotGo sitting round a table deciding on the best website building service to offer

    Nobody knows our software like we do and nobody knows your business like you do. 
    What if ... we took time to learn about your business -  what if we designed your website with a professional designer, professional writer and professional imagery, run and managed on bullet-proof, blisteringly fast cloud hardware - and then trained you to make changes yourself.

  5. The solution


    DotGO shaking the hand of a happy customer

    You get the best of both worlds....
    1) A beautiful, optimised, professional website designed in half the time. 
    2) The ability to make changes whenever you want but managed by us




About us...


  • We are a UK design company filled with passionate website designers and clever writers 
  • We design, run and manage websites using our own technology that are quick, easy to manage and rank well on Google
  • We offer amazing, friendly, knowledgeable service - it is at the heart of everything we do
  • We setup professional email services on your phone, tablet or computer and deal with everything technical for you
  • Oh, and the best bit? It's cheaper than you may think, and we can get started right now

About you...


  • You are a brave, busy business owner
  • You don't have the time (or the inclination) to learn new jargon or how to (re-)design your own website
  • You just need a new website. You need it built and managed professionally
  • You want someone to take the time to listen, really listen
  • You want to make changes now and then yourself or make a call when you are too busy 
  • Oh, and you don't want to pay the earth!


"DotGO is the best business decision
you haven't made yet."

DotGO website design agency sign


If  we sound like your kind of company?

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We squeezed 21 years of practice and thousands of websites into a process that feels effortless and fun.  







DotGO a true British Company


Over the last 21 years we've grown to become the UK most trusted website design company.  It hasn't been an easy ride, but the UK is where we are from and the UK is where our heart is.




DotGO logo as a union jack UK flag

 May of Surrey where DotGO are based

Our software is home-grown.

We are not a Wordpress-house churning out copycat websites on an American website platform.

We took the time to create our own platform. 

This gives us more freedom and opportunities and the chance to shine as a true British software company who can stand up to the idea factory and identity-farms of Silicon Valley and USA.





Unashamedly patriotic.

Our offices are located in an old British Army Barracks belonging to the Queen's Coldstream Guards in Caterham, Surrey.

We occupy most of the old Officers Mess and British Heritage is all around.

The grand staircase, the Queens Guard bearskin material adorning the walls and the tall ceiling rooms all fill our working environment with a feeling of grandeur and purpose.



Your data stays on our shores.

Our servers are located in UK data centres and 99% of our customers are based in UK. 

We talk the same language, we operate in the same time zones.  Our entire team all work together.  

Our design team, sales team and writers all work side by side creating websites that are not just works of art, but are also hard working,  constant-companions of our devoted customers and their businesses.


Here to stay

We've seen a lot since our 'birth' in 2004.  We've written more than 5 million lines of code to create our own software.  We've seen off 2 big recessions and a terrible global pandemic.  We are bigger and stronger now than ever.

We understand what it takes to create a successful company in the UK.  We've had to jump through all the same hoops as you.




Now the UK's most trusted web design agency

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