A website gallery is a great place to start if you have a large number of high quality photographs of your work. You can organise your galleries by project, or type of product, or showcase all your work in one neat grid. You can add new galleries to your website through our easy-to-use editor. Follow our  support guide on this here.



A slideshow on your website is an even more captivating way to introduce a potential client to your work. With DotGO galleries, slideshows are one of the many options for arranging your images. These are great to allow users to flick through images and find the work that you do.



You can also upload your projects in a blog, which gives scope for several blog posts, creating a portfolio of your work. This gives you the opportunity to tell the story of each project detailing your creative process and how the job was implemented. It’s also a great option for businesses showcasing new products to speak about how they were designed and thought up.


Social media

Showing off your work on social media is a must for any business wishing to have a presence online. You can build galleries and write posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and link back and forth from one site to the other, to encourage traffic and interaction. Read our handy guide on setting up your business Facebook page here to get started.


Getting the right images

The ideal images to use on a gallery are of your original images, with your own work clearly depicted. Unless there is a clear side-by-side comparison between ‘before and after’, we recommend not to use images of unfinished work, in case visiting customers receive the wrong impression from the ‘before’ images.

Always keep a camera or camera-phone handy when you work, and remember to take pictures of every job you do. Within no time, you will have a spectacular portfolio of work to showcase to your customers.

The ideal size for images is between 500 and 1000 pixels from side-to side. For example an image of 800x600 is perfect. If the image is too small, it will appear pixelated and untidy, but if it is too large, it may slow down the loading speed of the website for online visitors.


News articles and online journals

If your work is worthy of attention, why stop at your own website and social media pages? Many online social media pages accept good content about a wide range of trades and business types. If you have a contact on a trade journal or magazine, you can find your work published online or in print, winning invaluable publicity and prestige for your business.

By simply getting into the habit of simply taking photographs and writing about your work, and by putting yourself out there, you will find a significant increase in genuine enquiries.


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