Find out how to create your company Facebook page here in five simple steps

Step 1 – Create your business page

As long as you have a Facebook profile already, creating a business page from your personal page is usually the best way, and it really couldn’t be easier.

When you’re browsing on Facebook, click on the ‘Menu’ button near the top right. It is currently represented by nine dots in a grid. From there find the Create a Page tab in the menu, and a new menu will open, inviting you to name and describe your business.

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You are also required to select a category; if you can’t find a category that fits, there will usually be something very close; you don’t have to match it exactly here.

Once you’ve done this you actually have a Facebook Business Page! But don’t stop there: You can make it so much better!


Step 2 – Add pictures

You will then need to add profile picture, usually your logo, or your finished product, which will be similar to your own port-hole style profile picture on Facebook. You can also select a main cover photo, which is substantially larger. Many businesses use this to show off their happy, smiling staff or cutting edge equipment. You can even upload multiple pictures here and make it a slideshow!


Step 3 – Add Contact details

You will then be prompted to add a phone number, email address, website, and location. Try to make this consistent with your information elsewhere. Some businesses update their contact details haphazardly, and this is a mistake, as having these details the same across all platforms helps the trustworthiness rating of your website.

You can also take this opportunity to add opening hours, your service area, prices, and link other social media accounts.


Step 4 – Add your first post!

Write an introduction about your business, tell everyone how excited you are to be on Facebook, or how you’re looking forwards to doing business with all your new contacts. A Facebook post doesn’t have to be a long story. Sometimes just a picture of a beautiful product or a happy client tells its own tale.


Step 5 – Invite your friends to follow you

Invite up to 100 people at once to like and follow your business page, and they will be then updated on their Facebook feed whenever you add a post! Try to post an update every week. More than that, and your friends may become overly used to your posts.



Managing your online profile

Once you’ve done this, you’re up and running! Always try to keep your page as active as possible, and post in local community groups or in forums and posts relating to your trade, as that business.

Soon your following will begin to grow, especially if you comment in a thoughtful and informative way. Always try to deal with any complaints or ‘trolling’ in a professional way. Keep an eye out for any posts on your own wall, so these can be managed or removed if necessary.

Also keep an eye out for praise. You may find yourself getting lots of good reviews on Facebook. Try to respond to each one, thanking them for their feedback, so they may remember you in the future and do business with your company again.

Tip: Write blog posts and share them to your Facebook page! Find out more about running a business blog here.

Don’t forget, Facebook isn’t the only social media platform worth being engaged with. Many businesses use Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote their company and brand, and you can too, as long as you remember to keep your account and profile updated regularly, with lots of fresh, original content.



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