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Rich Merritt is the General Manager at DotGO. He has a love of website design, small business development and craft beers.

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How can Google Guaranteed boost my website design's SEO?

It’s been a year since Google Guaranteed was introduced in the USA and Canada. Will we be seeing it in the UK?  more  

How do I keep customers coming back to my online store?

Having a solid customer retention plan serves as the backbone of any successful online shop. Here are a few tips regarding how to ensure that your customers keep coming back.   more  

How do I use social media to grow my online shop?

94% of businesses have social media accounts, so chances are your business has one. But are you making the most of it? Here are a few tips on how to boost your online presence.  more  

Use blog posts to boost online sales

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How to migrate your Moonfruit website, get a free DotGO website

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How could a QR Code be used to promote my website?

Put your website in front of your customers in seconds with the help of of a powerful, but often overlooked tool.   more  

Why your business location matters to your website

Websites exist online, but for some industries, it needs to focus on a specific location so the website can reach the right audience.   more  

Marketing for Therapists: 5 Strategies to Find Clients Online and Grow Your Therapy Business

Looking to grow your therapy business? Here are 5 of the most effective strategies you can use. No technical skills needed!  more  

How can a therapist create a safe space with website design?

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How can I take payments from my customers?

Some website designs need to be based around taking payments from their visitors, but do you require an ecommerce solution, or is there another route which would suit your industry...  more