Social media can be an absolute minefield, each with its own social conventions, cultures and trends. it’s tough to navigate at the best of times and it’s even tougher as a business.

People are naturally averse to brands on social media, who frequently make the mistake of trying way too hard to be “#relatable.” It smacks of desperation and your audience can sniff it out in a heartbeat.

The key to your business successfully operating on social media is to walk that tightrope between trying to reach people and not looking like you’re trying to reach people.

Authenticity is king and a huge part of that is, first and foremost, knowing where your audience actually is. In this blog, we’ll take a look at who is where and, depending on what kind of business you run, see where you should place your time and effort.


1. Facebook

We all recognise the big blue F that’s been sinking its hooks into all of our lives since 2007. Like it or not, everyone’s on there. According to stats giant Statista, Facebook had almost 3 billion active monthly users in the first quarter of 2022 – that’s nearly half the planet! The good news on that front is that that makes things easy, from a social media targeting standpoint.

Simply put, if you have a business, you need to be on Facebook.


2. Twitter

A little more “niche” (as tech giants go,) Twitter has only a poxy 330 million active users. Frequently referred to as the online “town hall” or “public square,” Twitter is the place where people go to voice their opinions (no matter how half-baked) on all manner of issues, from politics, to entertainment, to sport and everything in between. When we say “social media is a minefield,” we’re really talking about Twitter.

With that said, however, if your business deals with hot-button issues or, if you just love a natter with potential customers, Twitter is the place to be.


3. Instagram

The last of the “big 3” social media platforms but by no means the least, Instagram boasts over a billion users worldwide. With nearly half of the UK population using the platform on a monthly basis, it’s a platform that you can’t afford to ignore, if you can help it.

The issue with Instagram, however, is its visual nature. For an Instagram account to be any use to your business, you need to have something physical to show for it. If you’re an accountant, a recruitment agency or a surveyor, this might not be the platform for you.

If, on the other hand, you have an E-commerce website with us and want to show off your lovely products, it’s perfect!

Likewise, if you’re a builder, a cleaner or a gardener, Instagram is the perfect place for before and after pictures.

Even if visuals aren’t your thing, an inspirational quote or two never goes amiss, no matter what service you offer!


4. TikTok

Very much the new kid on the block, TikTok is the one to aim for if your target customer base is a little younger. Gen Z are a funny breed and their humour can be a tough nut to crack. If you can crack it, however, you’re in!

  • Maybe you sell designer shoes
  • Perhaps you’re an artist
  • Baking more your thing?

The best thing about TikTok is that it blends all kinds of music and visuals together in one big creative mess so; the more creative you can get, the better. If you’re feeling brave, dive in and give it a go!

– what do I post? We have another lovely blog on just how to go about establishing your social media presence and building a following with fantastic content that gets people talking. Have a read here! 


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