Focus on Engagement

Whether you are an established giant or just starting out your ecommerce website design, the key to a successful social media presence remains the same: engagement. If your social media accounts fail to engage its followers – namely, encouraging people to interact with your posts in some way – then there is very little chance that the account will grow. More importantly, however, you will not encourage people to engage further with your online shop if they cannot engage with your posts.

There are so many ways to increase engagement with your social channels. An instant Facebook messaging service, for example, is an excellent way to immediately answer customer questions. If a customer feels like they are communicating with a human, rather than an algorithm, they are much more likely to purchase your items.

Your posts should follow the same rule: delivered with a human face and responsive to customers. There are many simple and effective ways of encouraging a swathe of comments under a post. Asking people to ‘Sum up X in three words’, for instance, always garners a strong level of immediate engagement. Be inventive. And always remember that engagement is key.

Smart Advertising

Studies have revealed that around 94% of companies using social media have paid for either advertising or sponsored posts on Facebook. So, if you are part of that 6%, it is time to jump on the bandwagon. Spending money on your social media sites may seem like and costly and unnecessary thing to do, but there is a reason why so many companies advertise on Facebook and other outlets.

You may have customers who organically found your business, but what about that great untapped market of people who don’t even know they need your product yet? Most people don’t bother with extensive research. This is where Facebook advertising comes in. You can target users based on industry, job title and many other filters. Using this method has proven to be successful. When it comes to succeeding on social media, you must pay to play.

Live Videos

Much like Vine in 2015, live videos – especially on Instagram and Facebook – are becoming the Next Big Thing. Especially during lockdown, people have responded enthusiastically to video content, so live videos are in many ways an even more exciting phenomenon. By hosting a common space in which people can directly interact with you and your business, as well as each other, you are creating an ideal environment for people to learn more about your items.

Studies suggest that 82% of people prefer live videos over any other type of social media post. This is fantastic news for online shops. Customers already love the live video format; all you need to do is use the platform to your advantage. Interact with customers, immediately answer questions, speak about your brand, and host fun events, such as quizzes or giveaways. Find a way to provide a personal touch if you can. If you can take advantage of live videos in 2020, your social media following, and subsequently your online shop’s traffic, will grow.

Clear Social Links on Your Website

Your social media may be mentioned somewhere within your ecommerce website design system, but can you do more to make people aware of your social channels? Probably, yes. Are your social media channels included within clickable, easy-to-see buttons? Are they included on just one area of your site, or do you have them in a consistent place on each page? Do these buttons align with the broader style and tone of your website? Do the buttons work properly?

You should always be asking yourself these questions. By simplifying the route between social channels and your website, and vice versa, you present yourself as more professional. Another great way to optimise slick access, if you haven’t done it already, is to include a Facebook messenger button on your website. With this tool, customers can click the message button and are immediately directed to the Facebook messenger app. All they need to do is type their message and hit send. This is the kind of dynamic engagement that underpins any successful social media channel.

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