Make Payments Frictionless

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. They like your product and have added it to their basket. But when they go to the payment section, they are confronted with a series of annoying steps, causing them to lose interest. Customers are often forced to create an account, meaning that they must enter several pieces of personal data, or perhaps fill out a survey of some kind.

It is claimed that between 70% and 80% of shopping baskets worldwide are abandoned. This high percentage can be attributed to the fact that, put simply, there are too many roadblocks in the way. By minimising the number of required clicks between adding to basket and final payment, the whole payment process becomes simpler, thereby encouraging the customer to return.

Another easy way to ensure frictionless payments on your website is through giving your customer more than one payment option. Any ecommerce website that allows you to pay with either bank card or PayPal will not just encourage customers to return; it will also dramatically boost the professionalism of your online shop.

Use Social Media

As an ecommerce website, customers will forget about your shop if you fail to maintain an online presence after they have finished shopping. One hugely popular and effective way of keeping in touch with your customers is through establishing a strong presence on social media. This forum is an ideal space to encourage interaction by announcing new products and other updates.

Bringing a modern, savvy tone to your shop’s social media profile – one that aligns with the way people use social in 2020 – you can present your company in a way that people can relate to. Respond to friendly comments with a message that speaks directly to that person, and share that love with the rest of your followers.

Moreover, along with giving your company a relatable human face, social media can notably augment sales by targeting past buyers with products that they like. Facebook, for example, gives you another popular channel through which to communicate products to your customer. If you have not explored this avenue, you are falling behind your competitors. 

Multiple High-Quality Product Images

Prior to buying a product from a physical shop, the customer will want to look at the item closely, and maybe even hold it. Getting a clear appraisal of the product is such an important part of the shopping process, and as an online shop, you need to make sure that your images perfectly showcase all the features and characteristics of your product.

The quality of an image has the power to make a brilliant first impression. It can also turn off a customer for good. That is why your pictures need to be extremely high resolution and consistent in their size across every product. Take care to optimise your images for both phone and desktop. You want every single image to be perfect for each format.

Moreover, including multiple images, showing the product from every angle, is absolutely vital when it comes to recreating that in-store experience. Having just one or two pictures comes across as unprofessional. Including numerous compressed, high-resolution images show off all product features and help to engage the customer further.

Send Engaging Emails

If you run an ecommerce website and haven’t given much attention to emails, you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to keep customers engaged with your products. DotGO’s ecommerce website design system enables you to easily create personalised emails underneath particular products, giving customers additional information about your business and the item they just purchased.

A week after purchase, send your customer a follow-up email that acknowledges their purchase, thanks them for buying, and perhaps recommend other products. This simple measure keeps your shop in their minds. You can also do this by sending personalised emails every few weeks to remind that customer of new products or deals that could perhaps interest them.

Create a Loyalty Programme

Loyalty programmes are a tried and tested way of increasing purchase frequency by incentivising customers to purchase more often in order to earn more rewards. Establishing an effective, carefully considered loyalty programme provides the best of both worlds: the customer gets more value for their purchase, and your online shop benefits from receiving more repeat customers.

By using welcome points, the customer becomes more engaged through seeing their number of points grow with each purchase. There are so many ways to acknowledge customers for repeat custom, from giving a reward after a second purchase to creating an ‘exclusive club’ of your shop’s most frequent customers in which they receive special offers and get a sneak peek at new products.

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