Would you like a little bit of assistance coming up with new ideas for content for your small business website?

Then you may be interested in Google's new app. Released quietly without any fanfare, Google's Keen is a new content discovery service.


What does Keen do?

Once downloaded, your first step is to tell Keen what you are interested in. You make a Keen, which can be about any topic from basketball to bird-watching. Once you have curated a list of what you are interested in, Keen will make suggestions and send you interesting things that it thinks you will be interested in.

Your Keens can be public or private. If you wish to keep your passion for baking a secret, that's no problem. However, if you do want to share recipes with your bros and discuss new developments in the world of bread, that's also possible.

What separates Keen from the competition is that it draws on Google's powerful search engine. The more you save to a Keen, the better the recommendations become, which can be extremely useful when it comes to adding optimised content to your small business website. 


Is it worth a download?

Keen is created by Google's Area 120, which is where all of Google's experimental projects are produced. Whereas a search engine is passive and requires users to ask a question, Keen is proactive and will actively recommend and suggest things periodically on what it thinks you will enjoy.

This app could be a great way to grow traffic and popularity. If you're an early adopter of an app, it is much easier to build a following and a fan base than on a popular app that already has millions of users. If the app gets very popular, you'll be best placed to take advantage. Although if the app doesn't get traction, then it will all be for nothing.

However, if you run a blog as part of your business website and want a regular flow of news, ideas and content, this could be a great app. You'll get a steady stream of information that will get better through the year. We'll soon see whether this app goes the way of Google Plus or Pinterest, but it's worth a download to check out if it's right for you.

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