Ecommerce features

The main features and benefits of the DotGo ecommerce system


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Managers Notes

Make secret notes, behind the scenes, about every item in your store.  more  

Duplicate Order Blocking

Make sure two people can’t order the last one of any item in your store, avoiding disappointment.  more  

Fraud Prevention

Trusted 3rd party payment platforms keep every transaction from your store secure.  more  

Address Labels

Send your products with an official address label, formatted in an easy-to-read way.  more  

VAT Receipts

Generate VAT receipts for your customers, making business purchases that much more certain.  more  

Abandoned Baskets

If your customers aren’t buying, you need to know why. See which items they left behind.  more  

Fulfilment Tracking

A quick and easy way to log the progress of every order and make notes along the way.  more  

Order Management

See what your customers are buying, almost buying and, if they don’t, work out why.  more  

Receipt Generated Instantly

Automatically generate a receipt for your customers and send it to them directly.  more  

Emails to all parties

Set your customers minds at ease, with an email that confirms their purchase.  more