Help and ideas for small business owners looking to sell products online - plus tips and tricks for DotGO's online shop builder.

Works for DotGO as content writer and ecommerce consultant.

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Why giving a free samples could boost your sales

Giving things away to improve your business revenue may seem crazy, but there are massive long term benefits...  more  

DotGO now offers Klarna to its eCommerce merchants

As a modern business owner, you may be considering how a buy now, pay later (BNPL) service like Klarna can benefit your operations. This guide will explain what Klarna is, how it ...  more  

How to write terms and conditions for your online store

Writing your ecommerce terms and conditions can feel a little overwhelming but don’t worry! There are only a few things you really need to include and, as it’s your business, there...  more  

How to refund your ecommerce customers

While no one likes to receive a refund request, we are on hand to make it easy for you.  more  

You can now send dispatch emails to your customers

DotGO have now created an automatic dispatch email - you can find it in your Order Management section of the Shopping basket.  more  

How do I advertise my current promotion?

Limited-time deals are a fantastic way to close sales and get the cash flowing. Your customers need to know they’re happening!  more  

What you need to know about selling products internationally

So you’ve made a sale, but it’s to the Cayman Islands. What next? Here's everything you need to consider when it comes to selling your products internationally.  more  

Why your ecommerce shop should be thinking about Christmas in September

There’s no better excuse for a lovely sale in your ecommerce store than a holiday. To make the most of each opportunity, you need to plan ahead!  more  

How can I make my Ecommerce website more eco-friendly?

Approaching your business from a more eco-friendly standpoint is, at least, great marketing and, at most, literally saving the world!  more  

How To Manage Your DotGO Ecommerce Website

This is your guide on everything you ever need to know to manage your DotGO ecommerce website - all in one handy place.   more