There’s no better feeling, as a customer, than walking away from a business transaction feeling like you’ve gotten a great deal. Bargain hunting is an art in itself!

With so many different companies and providers offering similar services – or even the same products outright – you need ways of making yours stand out from the crowd.

Enter: the promotion

That little extra money off or percentage discount can make all the difference between “hmm, I’ll think about it” and the few extra clicks it takes to close that sale.

If you want the chance to convert, though, you need to make sure your customers actually see your promotion.

Here’s how to do so.


Promotional Pop-Ups

A page pop-up allows you to “pop” a short message and/or image up in front of your site visitors as soon as, or shortly after, they arrive. On other sites, your customer will start looking for the big red “X” as soon as possible.

Not so, with a DotGO website. We give you the option to add colour, customise your text and add imagery to your pop-ups, making them eye-catching and holding your customers’ attention for longer. With the added extra of a sweet deal or promo, that little box can make all the difference between making and losing a sale.

They're a great place to add a discount code: ttps://


Live Chat

First of all – if your website doesn’t have live chat: why not!? We recommend Tidio - a fantastic lead grabber, giving your customers a way to interact with you immediately, whether you’re online or not. Check out our blog on why it’s so absolutely vital to your website and why you’re burning leads without it! 

Learn more about


  • Welcome

One of the many great things about Tidio is that you can customise your welcome message. In much the same way as with a pop-up, Tidio let you write whatever you want as your welcome. When people arrive on your webpage, get the promotion right in front of them, in the corner of the page, without disrupting their browsing experience.

  • Just for You

Tidio take things one step beyond, though. They’ll even give you the means to offer your customer a “special code” – just for them! Input the checkout code that matches your promotion and get it right in front of your customers as soon as they arrive on your site.


Social Media

Naturally, the most obvious way to advertise your promotion is on social media. If you’re not posting daily, you need to be! Have a read here and see which social media platforms are perfect for your business.

You don’t need DotGO to tell you that social media is the number one way to reach out to your customer base these days and, if you’re not doing so, you’re missing out.

If you don’t have the big ones, here’s how to set them up:


Build Hype

Social media is a fantastic way to build hype for an upcoming promotion. There’s always another reason to run a sale – such as a holiday, a sports event or a seasonal change, so people will be on the look-out for deals around those times. What’s still important, however, is to get the hype machine going! Depending on the size and importance of your promo, announce it on your socials in the weeks and days leading up to when it’s on.

This gets your customers thinking about your product or service and plants that seed in their mind. Then, later, when they see that lovely discount, they’ve already (subconsciously, at least) considered it. If all goes well, you’ve made a sale!

More on how to build hype right here:


You’ve now got all the ammunition you need to shout from the rooftops about your upcoming promotion and make your customers an offer they can’t refuse! Let DotGO build you a fantastic shop, with your very own, bespoke website!


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