Every small business owner knows that the hardest aspect of running a business is generating interest in your product and reaching potential buyers.

The second hardest part is actually converting those that do come to your business, into customers.

Where a well optimised website and some savvy marketing can ensure your website has exposure, the traffic that ends up on your business website needs to be captured, enticed and engaged with.

This is where it’s smart to lean on a Live Chat system.


Your customers want it NOW

We live in an age where prospective buyers want answers to their questions fast. Making a phone call is for some too much commitment or even too daunting, and as much as we all agree that phone calls are still the best way to communicate in the world of B2B, the average consumer would rather send a text and carry on with their daily life – welcome to the age of the self-checkout.

A Live Chat system such as Tidio can be integrated seamlessly into your website design and act as a concierge, greeting your website visitors by asking “How can I help you?

More often than not, this open-ended question can lead you to collect important information AND open a dialogue with someone who has come to your website looking for your services or products.

A customer has entered your store!


But I don’t have time –

Let me stop you right there.

The biggest pushback our design team face whenever they first mention adding Live Chat to a client’s website is “I don’t have time to sit on a chat system all day”.

Of course, you don’t. And you don’t need too. The beauty of a chat system such as Tidio is that you can set up out of hours features and even automatic replies with smart bots.

When a visitor does message you, your smart phone app will notify you and if you ARE available at the moment, you can enter the chat and converse with your visitor – the same way you would answer a phone call if your business phone rang.


However, if you can’t respond right away then at the very least you will have captured the following vital information:

  • Their name
  • Their contact information
  • What service they want

Information you would not have otherwise got. Right away you have converted a website visitor into a lead – and those in business will know, leads are not cheap or easy to come by.

With this information you are now armed to contact them back in your own time, knowing that they have already expressed interest in your business – giving you a massive leg up in your chances to sell your products or services.


Find out more about adding Tidio Live Chat to your website


Still not convinced?

We believe so strongly in Live Chat systems that we actually run Tidio on our own website. Feel free to take it for a test spin and see it in action – just click the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

If you are a DotGO customer talk to your designer about adding Live Chat to your website, if not get in touch with our sales team to find out how we can build you a small business website with smart conversion tools like Tidio.


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