Giving things away to improve your business revenue may seem crazy, but there are massive long term benefits…

One of my earliest marketing memories is visiting the newly opened Safeway supermarket in the local town. While admiring the neatly laid out fruit and veg, and the deli counter displays, I was offered a free slice of pizza as a sample. For many years after I considered Safeway to be above even the Waitrose in that town in the supermarket pecking order. Receiving an unexpected treat has a huge impact, and from a marketing perspective this represents a massive potential return on investment.

Have a look at this free-to-read blog article to learn more about free samples, how they can help, and why free samples are good for business.

The numbers

Free samples give a 20% improvement on sales in the food industry. Food sampling gives customers the chance to try something new to see if they like it, and shows your generosity and confidence as a business. This extends to many other products of course. Cosmetics customers are even more likely to make a positive response to a free sample (up to 30%), while this practice is also widespread in the fragrance industry.

Impulse buying is responsible for a huge percentage of retail sales. This includes online purchases too. A free sample can make that final impetus that an impulse buyer needs to make a first, second, or subsequent purchase.

Anyone can do it

You don't have to sell food or perfume to offer free samples. Opticians will often repair spectacles for free, and counsellors and therapists will often offer the first introductory session for free, to see if their practice works for their client. Even tradespeople will often offer a free site visit and quote, with all the expert advice that comes along with that, with the hope or expectation that this will turn into a conversion.

What are the other benefits?

The benefits might not be readily apparent in an instant sale. Many times a client can leave without buying, but even then the free sample gives you an advantage.


Receive feedback

Whether your product is not up to scratch, or you are onto a winner, customer feedback is free expert advice that can be invaluable when it comes to marketing your product in the long run.

Shows your generosity

This is a massive boost for your business profile and brand, and gives your business an air of trustworthiness and authority that cannot be bought elsewhere.

Increases customer awareness

Most importantly of all, increasing awareness of your brand, what you produce and what you sell will almost always result in long-term rewards.


Social media – do you need influencers?

While there is a backlash against a certain style of influencer, it's not all about vain models posing by swimming pools and looking for free holidays and designer clothes. Most influencers work hard on their content, producing informative and insightful channels for their sector. If you produce or sell a particular kind of product there will be people on YouTube and other social media platforms involved in that sector too, and you can get them talking about your products if you give free samples to the right people.

You can do it too!

Being an influencer isn't an exclusive club. With the internet being an open environment, you can become an influencer too. Through social media you can keep your customers informed about your latest products, your finished projects, and how to do certain aspects of your work. ‘How to' guides are highly popular on social media, and if you are good at your craft, your opinions and work will carry weight in the industry.

Social media is a great platform from which to distribute free samples too, and these promotions, coupled with requests to like and share, will have your brand being noticed far and wide.

Here at DotGO, we have a handy guide on setting up social media accounts, with lots of articles on the different platforms available to you.

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