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Sales and Marketing Manager at DotGO. Spends the day speaking with small businesses and finding clever ways of using modern technology to its fullest potential.

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Put your website in front of your customers in seconds with the help of of a powerful, but often overlooked tool.   more  

Is your business Brexit ready?

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Is my location important for a website?

Websites exist online, but for some industries, it needs to focus on a specific location so the website can reach the right audience.   more  

Marketing for Therapists: 5 Strategies to Find Clients Online and Grow Your Business

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What is the purpose of your website, and who are your customers?

It is important to design a website with your visitors in mind to make it easier for you to turn them into customers.   more  

How can a therapist create a safe space with website design?

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How can I take payments from my customers?

Some website designs need to be based around taking payments from their visitors, but do you require an ecommerce solution, or is there another route which would suit your industry...  more  

Who looks after your website?

When creating a new website, you need to make sure its easy to build and looks great, but its equally important that you have someone in your corner when you need help.   more  

Web hosting. How does it work, and what do I need to know?

Hosting is a little like a hotel for your website, its where the files of your website are staying, but should you go self-catered or all-inclusive?   more  

GDPR & Data Protection. What are the basics?

GDPR. How can 4 letters cause so much difficulty for businesses. Here we look at what a a UK business needs to be aware of when it comes to website design and data protection.   more