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A series of articles designed to give small business owners a clear and comprehensive understanding of DotGO's ecommerce website design system.

Works for DotGO as content writer and ecommerce consultant.

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Become master of your business website with DotGO’s support videos

Having set up your website with DotGO, learn how to manage your website with confidence by watching our support videos and articles.  more  

What item layout option best suits my ecommerce website?

DotGO's system gives you four different ways to present your items to customers. But are you using the right one for your items?   more  

Five lesser-known features of DotGO’s ecommerce system

Stay ahead of the competition by making full use of these lesser-known features of DotGO’s ecommerce system.  more  

Five groups you can build using DotGO's Automated Rules tool

DotGO’s automated rules feature is a fast and effective way of building intelligent groups for your website. But are you using the feature to its full potential?  more  

Five tips for managing delivery costs on your ecommerce website

With DotGO, you can devise your own specific delivery costs. But are you making the most of this feature? Here are some key tips.   more  

Five ways to make your ecommerce website more detailed

The devil is in the detail, as they say. With DotGO’s system, there are so many small but crucial ways to make your ecommerce website more detailed than rival shops.   more  

How do I make the perfect first impression on customers?

So, you’ve just set up your ecommerce website. And as you know, first impressions are everything. Here are four things you can do to dazzle first-time customers.  more  

Setting up a large ecommerce website? Here are four things you must do

So, you’ve just uploaded hundreds of items to your ecommerce website. Nice! But the work doesn’t stop there. Here are four things that you need to do next.   more  

Import your eBay store to your DotGO website in just one click

DotGO’s latest feature enables you to directly convert your eBay store to your website on DotGO. And the process is so wonderfully simple.  more  

How do I create infographics that attract new customers to my online shop?

Infographics generate almost 40% more backlinks than blogs and are growing in popularity. Here’s how you take advantage of this phenomenon.   more  

4 things you must know about Google’s ‘Merchant Center’

Google’s ‘Merchant Center’ is a gamechanger for ecommerce website design systems like yours. Here are four things to keep in mind about this useful tool.  more  

5 security risks to consider as an ecommerce website

Protecting your website and its customers should always be your number one priority. Here are the main security threats to look out for.  more  

How do I make my ecommerce website design look more professional?

Customers need to be convinced that you are a certified retailer who they can trust. So, here are a few tips on how to ensure your ecommerce website design looks professional.  more  

How do I write calls to action that grab my customer’s attention?

Every online shop has calls to action dotted around their ecommerce website design, but are you using CTAs to full effect?   more  

How do I write the perfect email to customers?

Emails are part of every day life for ecommerce website designs like yours, but is your business making the most of them?  more  

About to start an online shop? Here are 4 things you can’t do without

So, you’re creating an ecommerce website design. Awesome! However, before you start, don’t forget these crucial tips.   more  

How can I make full use of backlinks?

Without backlinks, your ecommerce website design will never take off. So, here are some ways to develop useful links with other websites that boost your SEO rankings.   more  

How do I build a successful mailing list that grows my sales?

Developing a strong and expanding mailing list gives your online shop a backbone of potential customers. Here are a few tips on how to get more email addresses.   more  

How do I create the perfect payment screen?

When customers get to the final payment screen, everything needs to be perfect. Here are a few key aspects to keep in mind.  more  

5 ecommerce trends to be aware of post COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we view ecommerce. But as the world becomes more digitised, are you prepared for the new ecommerce landscape?  more  

How do I give my customers an easy checkout process?

Around 70% of shopping carts are abandoned by users, which means that having a streamlined checkout process is rather important. Here are a few pointers.   more  

Replicate a physical shop with DotGO’s ecommerce website design system

DotGO’s system of categories, groups, tags and classifications makes managing your online shop a wonderfully simple - and lifelike - process.   more  

5 DotGO features that put your online shop ahead of the competition

DotGO has a number of incredibly useful features for online shops, but are you using them effectively? Here are some features to look out for.   more  

How do I build trust with my customers?

To make sales, you need the customer to trust your business. This can be hard as an online shop, so here are a few tips on building a bridge between you and the customer.  more  

How do I optimise my online shop for mobile users?

More and more people are using their mobiles to shop for products every year, so it makes sense to ensure that your online shop is optimised for mobile. Here are some tips.   more  

How do I create a brilliant unique selling proposition?

As an ecommerce website, standing out is a hard thing to do, which is why you need a compelling unique selling proposition. Here are some tips.   more  

How do I write blogs that boost sales?

Maintaining a blog alongside managing an online shop is difficult. If done correctly, however, it can significantly boost your traffic. Here are some key blogging tips.  more  

How can I make my ecommerce website more environmentally friendly?

As an ecommerce website, you leave a considerable carbon footprint. And with the world quite literally burning, it is worth considering some ways to be greener.  more  

How do I convert high traffic into sales?

Lots of people are viewing your online shop, but very few are purchasing products. Here is some advice on how to convert high traffic into sales.  more  

How can I use promotions to grow my online shop?

Whether you are a veteran in the ecommerce game or just starting out, using promotions to boost sales and grow customers is a common feature. Here’s how you make the most of them.   more  

How do I get my new online shop off the ground?

For any business, whether they are online or not, getting off the ground is the hardest step. So, here are a few tips for those who have recently started online shops.   more  

How can I save time when managing my online shop?

As an online shop, saving time allows you to stay ahead of your competition. Here are a few ways in which DotGO’s ecommerce website design system can keep you a step ahead of the r...  more  

What are the key mistakes to avoid when managing my online shop?

You may have many great ideas about ways to grow your online shop, but have you thought about the things that you shouldn’t do? Here are a few mistakes to avoid in the ecommerce sp...  more  

How do I write fantastic product descriptions?

Your online shop may have brilliant products, but that means little if their descriptions fail to entice customers. Here are a few tips on how to write stunning product description...  more  

How do I use social media to grow my online shop?

94% of businesses have social media accounts, so chances are your business has one. But are you making the most of it? Here are a few tips on how to boost your online presence.  more  

How do I make my online shop stand out from my competition?

Let’s be honest: online shops all operate in the same way and sell products similar to yours. So how do you make your ecommerce store stand out? Here are a few tips.  more  

How can I make the most of bulk management?

As somebody who runs a business, productivity is everything. With DotGO’s ecommerce website design system, you can use the bulk management feature to save time and stay ahead of yo...  more  

How to get most out of content when managing your online shop

As an ecommerce website, every word counts. Brilliantly written content draws your customers in, while longwinded, overly technical content will scare customers away. So, here are ...  more  

How can ecommerce help your small business grow?

The tide of ecommerce is coming. More and more small businesses are moving their services online, and for good reason. Here are a few reasons why your company should embrace the in...  more  

How do I create sensational product pages?

When it comes to managing an online shop, first impressions matter. As a result, you need to ensure that your product pages jump out at the customer. Here are a few tips.   more  

How do I keep customers coming back to my online store?

Having a solid customer retention plan serves as the backbone of any successful online shop. Here are a few tips regarding how to ensure that your customers keep coming back.   more  

How can I give my customers a more personalised experience?

COVID-19 has made face-to-face interactions largely impossible, but that doesn’t mean that your online shop cannot give its customers a high-quality, personalised shopping experien...  more  

How do I grow my online shop in 2020?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made face-to-face transactions impossible, prompting many companies – big and small – to move more of their services online. If you run an online store, h...  more  

How do I send brilliant post-sale emails?

With the new digital downloads feature on DotGO’s ecommerce web design system, you can make a lasting impression on each customer with first-class post-sale emails.  more  

Should you sell digital products?

Selling downloadable products on your online shop makes your business more dynamic and moves you ahead of the competition. If you are looking to get the most out of E-Commerce webs...  more