Whether viewed on a billboard, the side of a van or on your very own DotGO website, your email address often represents the very first point of contact between you and a potential customer.

It needs to look professional or all your hard work building your business’ professional reputation online might all be for nothing.


A Professional Look

Whenever your customers are engaging with your business, the chances are that your email address will be nearby (at the very least, it should be!):

  • On the side of your van
  • On your signage
  • On your shopfront
  • On business cards
  • On your website

The look of your email address contributes to the overall “feel” of your brand and plays strongly into how professional your business is perceived by your customers. The last thing you want to do, once your marketing efforts have done their thing, is turn them off at the final hurdle.

They like the look of your branding. Your products and services are interesting and useful. They go to make contact…


“Please email me at tammy68kitt£n@gmail.com.”

A bit strange, right?

“Contact me, at enquiries@tammyscatgrooming.com.”

Much better!


Click here for more ways to build trust with your customers.


How It’s Made

There are two parts to a sleek, professional email address that will provide that added peace of mind to your customer when they contact you:

  • The Prefix
  • The Domain

The second is fairly straightforward – the domain in your email will always be the domain we register for you while we build your website (tammyscatgrooming.com, for example). You’ll work with your designer to find one that’s available, suitable for your business and that looks professional. Half the work on your professional email address is already done!

With the prefix, you can get a little more creative, however. The prefix refers to anything that comes before the “@” symbol in your email address and it can be literally whatever you want. What is your email for?

  • Fielding general questions from customers? Go for “enquiries.”
  • Looking to add that personal touch, while still keeping things professional? Use your name.
  • Want to get straight to the bottom line? Choose “sales.”

Whatever prefix you land on, make sure it’s short, sweet and relevant to what the email will be used for.


A Trustworthy Image

When chasing leads and enticing customers to use your business online, you’re presenting them with the best version of yourself. A personal, unprofessional email can help to break the image that you’ve cultivated and get people questioning whether you really are all that you say you are. It goes without saying; you never want to lie to your customers. However, you don’t want to see all your hard marketing work go to waste either!

Spam Filters

Another thing to consider, when designing your email address, is just how much spam there is floating around out there. An email from an unprofessional email address can look spammy in your customers’ inboxes and cause them to gloss over what you’ve written. Even worse, their email providers’ spam filters might pick it up and send it straight to their Junk folder! You’ll have put in all that work on crafting the marketing email you’re sending (here’s how best to go about that), only to have it trip up at the first hurdle and never be seen by your customers.


While we’re on the topic, here are some handy tips on how you can spot spam emails heading your way. 


Are you looking to get a professional website and email address for your business? Contact our friendly sales team to discuss how we can work with you.


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