Take Care of Minor Details

Trust is rarely eradicated in one fell swoop. One loses trust in something by degrees; it is an incremental process that creeps up on people. You go on a date, for example, and ignore a couple of early red flags, until eventually you enter the zone of The Uncomfortable, and start to think up viable excuses to leave. As a new ecommerce website design, the same process could be happening when customers visit your online shop.

For instance, a customer may notice a very slight typo – one most people gloss over – such as writing “skeptical” instead of “sceptical”. These small writing errors may seem harmless, but aggregated over time, the user will stop taking you seriously. The same thing applies when someone clicks on a broken link, or finds content that is old or irrelevant, looking all clunky in some dark recess of your website.

As a result, it is definitely worth combing over every pocket of your website for any errors, any areas that aren’t watertight. It may seem like a small thing but it can make a monumental difference.  

Show Customers That You Care About Security

It is always worth remembering that, despite the ubiquity of online shopping in the present day, many customers regard the process of paying for items online as somewhat precarious. This feeling increases tenfold if you do not present yourself as a secure, ratified, legitimate online store with all the same accessories and buttons that those lovely folks at Amazon – who are, of course, rather trustworthy when it comes to buying stuff (although less so on taxation) – have on their website. So, it therefore makes sense to make an extra effort to present your online shop as secure.

There are many ways to do this. One method would be to employ security-boosting apps that add another layer of protection from viruses and, more importantly perhaps, display a well-known security badge – such as the McAfee Secure – that puts people at ease. Another easy way of boosting consumer confidence in security is through offering multiple payment options – especially PayPal. Following these two steps can be extremely helpful. 

Detailed Product Descriptions and Images

The more a customer knows about your product, the more pictures they see, the more compelled they will be to actually purchase your product. When it comes to descriptions, however, this does not mean writing a lot for the sake of writing a lot. Too much fluffy content will not make you look professional. At the same time, not enough detail will mean that the customer has a difficult time trusting your online shop. There is a balance to strike here: strong levels of detail without losing the customer’s interest.

When it comes to product images, however, the more the better. Users will be sceptical if there are just one or two images of a product. They are used to scrolling through multiple images, seeing the product from multiple angles, and you need to make sure that they can do the same with your items. However, it will not matter if they are not optimised and in perfect high-resolution. Failing to have multiple, high-quality and totally consistent images across all products is a sure-fire way of destroying trust in the heart of your customer. They will immediately head elsewhere.


We believe there is a place for good-old-fashioned customer service on the Internet.  It's in our DNA.  Our different approach has made a big impression on our customers and a huge difference to their businesses. 


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