There are a couple of things to consider before you even put finger to key, however. Set yourself up right and start making those customer connections!

Why Are You Writing?

When it comes down to it, the honest answer to that question – every time – is “to make a sale.” Of course, it is! You know that, your customers know that. Everyone and their mother knows that. The key is to think a little more immediately:

  • You could have a promotion coming up
  • You might be adding a great new product or service to your range
  • You could be running a competition
  • You might have written a new blog post (a fantastic excuse to get in touch with your clients! More reasons why you should be blogging, right here)

Make sure you have a real reason to send out an email to your mailing list. If you’re emailing for no reason, why should your customers care? Once you know why you’re writing to your customers, you can style your email in a way that really drags them in.


Who Are You Writing For?

Nobody knows your customer base as well as you do.

That gives you the perfect starting point, so speak to them in language they can understand. If you fix car parking sensors and have just updated your tech, maybe don’t go into too much detail about the brand new “Bosch Driver Assistance System 3000 Calibration Machine.”

Just say you’ve got some new hardware in the shop and there’s no better time than now to come down and get your sensors checked.

Once you know who you’re writing to and why, you can get into the meat of the email:


Craft an Enticing Subject Line

Just like on your website, you need to catch your audience’s attention fast (within 15 seconds, to be exact), or they’ll have scrolled down their inbox before you know it!

Draw your customers in with a real reason to keep reading. Your subject line is the most important part of the email, and is pretty much make or break when it comes to seeing your customers open your mail or not.

What kinds of questions do your customers have? Maybe the email contains answers…

  • Capitalise on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – your customers can’t afford to miss what’s inside!
  • Address pain points – Where do your customers have trouble and how can you help?
  • Highlight exclusivity – Deals and offers don’t last forever, so make sure your customers can’t miss them while they’re here!

Be Concise and Informative

So, you’ve got your customer from their inbox into your email. Now, make sure you keep them there! People don’t want to read endless text on an email, so keep it short and sweet. Make it funny if you can and, even if they don’t end up clicking through to your product or website page, you’ll still have planted that seed in their mind. Next time they’re thinking of your service, they’ll think of you.


Finish Strong

The crux of your email and the most important part – the finish. So often, regardless of how funny, enticing or interesting the body of your email is, people will still skip from the subject line at the top to the juicy content at the bottom – that’s the offer, the deal, the discount. Make sure you finish strong and use that final section to really convince your customer that the offer is worth clicking through to your website for!


Emails are just one fantastic weapon that you have in your arsenal to get yourself in front of your customers online. It doesn’t end there, though! There are loads more ways you can get yourself out there.

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