Writing a blog might seem like a big commitment, especially as a small business owner with fifteen plates spinning at once.

You might not think sitting down and writing is a good use of your time. We hope this blog can convince you otherwise! At DotGO, we always suggest starting a blog on your website, for a whole host of reasons.

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Google’s hungry, and it loves to EAT. We have a whole blog on exactly what that means but, in short, it stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

These are the main criteria that Google uses to work out which websites to show in its search rankings. The more you’re able to prove that you’re “EATable,” the higher you’re likely to rank and the more customers you’ll get.

A blog is a fantastic place for you to prove your worth, with informative, topical content, written by an expert – you!


Grow Your Site

When you buy a professional website from DotGO, we build 3 or 4 main pages for you, depending on the package you’ve chosen. When you establish a blog, thanks to the way DotGO build websites, each post counts as its own page! You can optimise it with key phrases (“How do I do that?” Right here) and give Google loads of fantastic content for it to get its teeth into.

A bigger site means more pages for Google to rank and more clicks for you!



A blog gives you a fantastic platform to talk about your products and services. You know you’re good at what you do but potential clients and customers might not – take your blog as an opportunity to really shout about yourself! Each post can focus on a different project or product and show just why you’re the people to choose to get the job done right.


Attract Links

When it comes to ranking websites, links are a massive factor that Google considers:

  • How many other sites are linking to yours?
  • How relevant are the websites linking to you?
  • Do those websites have good “EAT” credentials themselves?

High-quality, useful, informative content, produced on a regular basis is an absolute link-magnet. If what you’re producing fits the bill, it creates a snowball effect, too, with people considering you an authority, sharing your content and boosting your reputation which, in turn, leads to more links. The cycle repeats!


What Do DotGO Do?

During your website-building journey, here at DotGO, we’ll always ask if you want to set a blog up. If the answer is yes (it certainly should be!), your friendly designer will set it up for you while they build your site, ready to go! Don’t worry if you already have a blogless site, though – you haven’t missed the boat! Watch our handy support video here and get started: dotgo.uk/support/article/create-blog-add-post


Not Sure What to Write? Let Us Do It For You.

When it comes to knowing your business, we couldn’t possibly bring the expertise you could. When it comes to writing blogs, however, our brilliant content writers (really brilliant) have all the skills you could need.

Let us give you a fantastic head-start with our blog-writing service - £50 per blog, fully optimised for Google and packed with useful information for your customers. Get in touch today and let’s get your blog rolling!

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