What's included with DotGO Management? 

A full one-stop-shop

A single monthly subscription that covers everything. 


Let's talk



Everything is included

Systems and technology designed to work together  


Ever used an iphone?  Their apps and their phones are designed together.  DotGO is the same.  Our systems, our technology and our people all working together beautifully.





We manage everything, you get the latest, fastest and most secure cloud technology available



Hosting and security

Our unlimited cloud-based hosting is enterprise grade and blisteringly fast. Our servers are managed 24/7 with the best security, backups and encryption in the business.

Time is too short to have separate accounts with a domain company, hosting company, email company, website design company.  .


Need secure, fast, professional, reliable email?  We provide professional mailboxes setup right on your phone or connect your domain to use Microsoft365 / Google Workspace email accounts. 

Your domain name is your property, we just pay for it and manage it for you. 


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Getting your website to perform well and help when you need it



Help when you need it 

If you are like most of our customers, you probably won't need much help, but when you do, you want it NOW. All our sites get premium telephone support.  We have friendly, knowledgeable jargon-free people who'll give you answers and solutions fast.


How is your website actually performing?  How many hits are you getting? How many leads are your getting?  Are you being penalised by Google? What improvements can you make? We make it easy for you to get these answers with tools, and integration directly with Google systems.



Stock images

As many beautiful professional stock images and videos as you need

Social Media

Include feeds and automatically post updates straight into your social media pages


Image galleries

Beautiful and simple to make interactive image galleries. Made in seconds but leave a lasting impression.


Add a questions and answers and watch as they appear in beautiful tables



Making changes to your website instantly.



Website updates and changes

Making changes yourself is easy, but sometimes you need a helping hand.  We make little changes for you when you are too busy, or don't have access to a computer.  If it's a small change (less than an hour's work) we'll do it for you for free.  Regular updates of your blog, or auto posting to social media can all be done through the control panel.

Complete online control

You have instant access to your own control panel giving you  everything you need.   From updating your website to adding new blog posts, cloning deep pages or creating new email addresses.  

And because your website was designed and built using the DotGO platform, we continually and automatically upgrade this software.  You always have our latest and greatest software and security features as soon as they become are available.  We do this for the lifetime of your website.