What's included with the DotGO design service. 

We include so much more than you might realise.

Everything here is included, nothing costs extra. 

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Everything is included

Nothing costs extra

We offer the most comprehensive website design service available.  No other website design agency gets close to what we provide, for the fees we charge.





Every website we build is different and each has its challenges.  We use the best people, our own collaborative tools and a rock-solid process to predict issues and make a difficult process rewarding and fun.




The core of our service is based around amazing people. You will be allocated your own professional designer and content writer.  They are your team and we won't change them.  You'll quickly become friends, and build mutual trust as you work together, bringing your ideas to life.


We have a process that we have refined over the last 21 years and thousands of websites. We call it the DotGO way.  It's a 5 step process that predicts issues, and helps us remain focused on what matters.  


Underpinning our process is our own cloud based design portal.  This portal is a collaborative environment.  You update it with ideas.  We update it with ideas.  Here we agree mutual expectations, share design ideas, images, documents and make sure we discus and agree everything we need. 


Dedicated Designer

Your very own designer working with you to bring your ideas to life.

Dedicated Writer

Your very own writer. Making sure the important messages come across and you are indexed on Google



Optimising your website to be indexed by Google

Responsive design

A website that adapts instantly to any device




Once we've nailed the purpose of your website,  we can start researching and thinking about its size and structure



SEO and Google

We research your local and web competition, finding search engine phrases that you stand a chance of winning and those more competitive ones that will take more time and work.

Webpage structure and architecture

Your site structure, navigation and page hierarchy feeds user-journeys and leads customers and search engines to pages, blog posts and, clone-able deep pages.  Get it right and your site will achieve its goals. Get it wrong and it will always be unproductive. 

Usability and responsiveness

Your website needs to adapt and look great on any device.  We plan and design how your content morphs and appears on any device, from mobile phones to tablets to huge desktop screens. 



Stock images

As many beautiful professional stock images and videos as you need

Social Media

Include feeds and automatically post updates straight into your social media pages


Image galleries

Beautiful and simple to make interactive image galleries. Made in seconds but leave a lasting impression.


Add a questions and answers and watch as they appear in beautiful tables



Above all else, the visual design elements that matter the most are images and video




We give you access to the largest and best quality image and video library available.  Millions of images. It's rare we can't find the perfect picture.  But let's not forget your own images.  Pictures taken by you add a level of credibility that is priceless.


Present images in a way that is both professional and beautiful is not easy. We have lots of tools at our disposal. 

Splash images or videos make a full page statement as you enter a your site, galleries offer a clever, interactive experience and sliders welcome visitors to each of your web pages with animation and text.


As great as images and videos are, they are ‘heavy' and if done badly they can slow down your website and you'll be penalised by Google.  A new generation of images are now available. Never heard of .webp image files? Well Google has, and it loves websites that use these images.  We use only .webp files.  They are beautiful, sharp and very very fast.

Welcome to tomorrow.




Instant and interactive Google maps, from a county, postcode, or address


Add quotes from clients and see them appear instantly





We provide a HUGE range of plugins




Whatever the goal of your website, achieving it will probably rely on you interacting with your visitors. Whether they are filling out forms, commenting on a blog post, booking a room or web-chatting with you, interactive plugins are important tools.




Amazing support

There is support and then there is DotGO support. We are your friendly, instant safety-net.


Professional email address from your domain name integrated with your phone and computer.





We plan first and design later. 

Other design agencies use templates or dive right in, making it up as they go along : we don't.  Our own design tools gives us an advantage, designing quickly and beautifully.   



Domain name

We register and renew your domain name for FREE the lifetime your DotGO website


If you think all hosting is the same – think again. We provide fast, secure, guaranteed hosting.


Amazing support

There is support and then there is DotGO support. We are your friendly, instant safety-net.


We use the same systems and security to keep your website safe as we do our own





The technical stuff that other companies either forget or don't know how to do.



Moving your domain and telling google

If you already have a domain name we'll login to your registrar and make all the technical changes to move it over to us. If you already have a website that's indexed with Google, we'll setup Google mappings for each each page so that Google retains your site authority and you continue to rank for your search phrases. 

Professional Email 

We'll setup your professional DotGO email mailboxes (or make the technical tweaks to use Microsoft 365 or Google professional mail ) then we'll show you how to configure your phone or laptop to send and receive automatically.


Encryption, security and legal

You website is fully encrypted with a validated SSL certificate .

GDPR or data privacy is something that is often forgotten about.  We give you a privacy policy template that you can emend to your own business processes and an ‘opt-in' box on each of your forms.




Google Tools

We connect you to Google and show you all the ways you can interact with Google as a website owner .


Find your voice, connect with your customers and scream up the search engines with your own connected blog.



We use the same systems and security to keep your website safe as we do our own

Site hits and stats

See at a glance how your site is doing – see the number and frequency of your visitors



Grab a seat and a join us for your 1:1 zoom training session.

We'll teach you how to use our simple systems.  We'll even send you a recording so you can watch it back later. 







Professional Design Service

Our design service ensures that you are matched with an experienced designer who will guide you through our process and even train you on how to maintain the site on completion (Don't panic! It's super easy!)

Images and Video 

A picture says a thousand words – That is why we have access to some of the best stock imagery and videos on the planet. Let us help you find the right media to tell your businesses story accurately, with striking images.

Powerful Plugins

We have developed a suite of interactive plugins for your customers to interact with on your website. Looking for a quick enquiry form? We've got you covered. In need of a customisable gallery to showcase your work? Look no further.



Having a beautiful website is nice and all, but it's worthless if no one can see it! Your designer will work with you using professional optimisation tools to make sure your website is indexed accurately for what you do and where you do it.

Bespoke Colour Palettes

Your designer can create a stunning colour palette that adheres exactly to your existing branding – resulting in a site that feels professional and unique to your business. We want your website to feel like your website, not a template!

Responsive Design

Web traffic on mobile devices has increased 222% in the last 7 years! That is why all of our designs are highly responsive for mobiles, tablets and computers. We factor responsive design into every build to make sure you look good on the go.



All our website designs include



Professional writer


Google SEO

Stock images


Responsive design

Social media integration

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