DotGO a true British Company


Over the last 17 years we've grown to become the UK most trusted website design company.  It hasn't been an easy ride, but the UK is where we are from and the UK is where our heart is.




website design for small businesses in UK

We share your journey

We understand what it takes to create a successful company in the UK.  We've had to jumped through all the same hoops as you.

 Treat others as you want to be treated.

Like you - we've also been delighted and disappointed with the service we've had along the way.  Which is we we've decided to create a business with the same approach, service and values that we expect to receive from our suppliers.


Our software is home-grown.

We are not a Wordpress-house churning out copycat websites on an American website platform.

We took the time to create our own platform. 

This gives us more freedom and opportunities and the chance to shine as a true British software company who can stand up to the idea factory and identity-farms of Silicon Valley and USA.

Unashamedly patriotic.

Our offices are located in an old British Army Barracks belonging to the Queen's Coldstream Guards in Caterham, Surrey.

We occupy most of the old Officers Mess and British Heritage is all around.

The grand staircase, the Queens Guard bearskin material adorning the walls and the tall ceiling rooms all fill our working environment with a feeling of grandeur and purpose.


Your data stays on our shores.

Our servers are located in UK data centres and 99% of our customers are based in UK. 

We talk the same language, we operate in the same time zones.  Our entire team all work together.  

Our design team, sales team and writers all work side by side creating websites that are not just works of art, but are also hard working,  constant-companions of our devoted customers and their businesses.


Here to stay

We've seen a lot since our 'birth' in 2004.  We've written more than 5 million lines of code to create our own software.  We've seen off 2 big recessions and a terrible global pandemic.  We are bigger and stronger now than ever.