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A little bit about reason8

Who are reason8 ?

Reason8 is a company motivated by helping small businesses achieve great things through the Internet. Our core business is run by a handful of professional, dynamic, hard working young(ish) people who have a passion for helping people. We believe that the Internet does not have to be a faceless email-only environment. So we bring together the best of the real world and the virtual world providing world class Internet technology and friendly customer service.

Where did the business idea come from?

The idea came about when one of us struggled to create a website. We realised that if we struggled, thousands of other small businesses would struggle too. 7 years later Reason8 is a huge UK success story. Thousands of small businesses have built websites and Reason8 has a reputation for high quality, great service and producing amazing business results.

Where are you based ?

Reason8 has a number of offices around the country but your telephone calls and emails are mostly answered from our head office in Surrey. Our offices are within a fantastic old building with high ceilings and massive windows. Our working atmosphere is fun, but professional and we hope this comes across when we communicate. Our design team is based in Yorkshire, and our main servers and technology is housed in Canary Wharf with backup servers in Brick Lane, London.