We’re all familiar with the concept of using imagery as a marketing tool – you’ll find it everywhere; in advertising, in magazines and, yes, on websites! Where so many businesses trip up, however, is with the assumption that if a photo is available online, it’s fair game.

Wrong! Just because you can right-click and save the image to your computer, it doesn’t mean you can get away with using it on your site.

The reality is a bit more complicated, unfortunately – most images worth using on your website are owned and licensed by someone out there and they’ll, no doubt, want to charge you for using them on your site.



For all images that fall under the copyright banner, you can receive a hefty fine if you use one without permission. These fines can be in the hundreds – or even thousands – of pounds, which is the last thing a brand-new business wants to be hit with straight away! Ignore these fines at your peril, too – in the most extreme cases, they can end up before a judge and result in even further cost. Your business could crash before it even gets off the ground, all because of a picture.


A Way Round

At DotGO, we’ve got the cheat code that will help you get fantastic imagery on your website, from a massive library of stock photography. It has the perfect snap for everything you could possibly want to show. Every business has, at some point, relied on stock images to help promote a certain message or give a certain “feel” to the way their business presents itself. They look smart, professional and help a business to craft its identity. They lend credibility to new businesses getting their foot in the door. At DotGO, we’ll help you craft your business’ image, with fantastic imagery that tells your story.


Where DotGO Comes In

As part of our brilliant web design service, DotGO find and license a selection of the perfect images for your website, all at no additional cost to yourself. We use the Adobe stock library, which has over 60 million (!) images to choose from – no doubt, there’ll be a few you’ll like in there! (Take a look) We always encourage you to have a browse and let us know which ones are right for you. Not sure? Your personal website designer is always on-hand with suggestions!


Maintain That Quality

As your business grows and evolves, there’s no question that your website will do the same. How do you make sure the image quality on your website doesn’t dip?

License More Stock

If you’re looking to refresh the look of your website with high-quality imagery, there is always the option to license more stock images of your own. Once we have finished the design stage, the cost for that will lie with you but don’t worry – a couple of extra images won’t hit your pocket too hard. Always remember, also, that it certainly beats a hefty fine from a major company if you pull one of their images from Google. They frequently reach into the hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds!


Look Elsewhere

If you want high-quality stock images without the price tag, there are several companies out there that provide them for free. Pexels (https://www.pexels.com/) and Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/) are two that we highly recommend, each packed with over 3 million images, all available for free. The selection isn’t quite as broad as Adobe’s library but, if you can find what you’re looking for there, the quality is just as good.


Take Your Own!

Stock photos are a great starting point for any business online but, if you have the knack for photography, using your own images can do wonders for your credibility, too – especially as an ecommerce shop owner! Have a read here and find out how to take the best product snaps: https://www.dotgo.uk/ecommerce-advice/perfect-product-photos


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we’ve got over 60 million essays that can tell your customers exactly what you’re about, in seconds. Don’t take the chance with a Google Images raid – let DotGO build you a fantastic website, with the perfect pictures. What else will your site need?

Click here https://www.dotgo.uk/website-design-advice/5-feature-business-website to find out now.



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