UPDATE: We have a brand new blog post about the importance of collecting and showcasing customer reviews - you can read it right here!

If you run a business or sell products online, customer testimonials are a fantastic tool to provide honest and unbiased feedback from your client base.

Not only do they establish credibility, but they create a connection between your visitors (window shoppers) and your happy clients.

Customer testimonials are also a great way to answer any questions your website visitors may have. As the answers are coming from satisfied clients, they are a great way to instil trust and professionalism.

Tip: When gathering and showcasing your testimonials, remember to consider your own customers – and their personas. What type of visitors does your website attract? They are going to want to see feedback from likeminded individuals with similar tastes, concerns and queries.

By showing a good selection of testimonials from a varied mix of your own customers, you can cover all bases when it comes to addressing the needs of your visitors.

Show off!

You should wear your testimonials with pride – make sure that you place them on your website where they can be effective and boost your customers confidence. Embedding testimonials on your home page is always a great strategy, as this is more than likely the first port of call for your visitors. But they can also work to solidify your professionalism when placed on a page where you advertise your services, or want to display a certain product – here they can act as a customer review.

DotGO provides you with an easy to set up Testimonial plugin that you can add to and place anywhere on your website. It also features some great looking pre-set templates and styling options to make your review eye catching.

Collect your good reviews

It is important to remember that customer reviews may take some time to collect, especially if your business website is new. It can be tempting to fake your reviews, but this can work against you. Apart from the obvious moral implications, unless you are a talented author, your customer reviews will sound the same and dishonest.

Instead, be fearless in asking for reviews from the jobs you are most proud of – especially when you have connected with your customer.

If you would like to learn more about embedding features like the testimonial plugin into your DotGO business website design, please have a look at our support articles and videos here.