The sad reality, when it comes to marketing your business online, is that people are inherently distrusting. It’s so much easier to make those emotional connections in person but, with the commercial world moving more and more online, we’ve got no choice but to make the best of it.

Thankfully, DotGO are here for you with loads of useful advice on how to crack the online market and get the phone ringing! One of the most useful weapons in your arsenal, to that end, is customer testimonials.


The Customer Journey

When your customers are looking for your service, they want to be convinced quickly. Unless you’re offering the most niche service imaginable, the chances are that someone else is doing what you do. Always remember – your website is up against an entire internet’s worth of competition – and that competition is only a couple of clicks away.

When it comes to a website, there is literally nothing more immediately convincing than a whole load of 5* ratings from customers you’ve helped in the past. That says that you’re reliable, trustworthy and experienced – for most people, that’s all the convincing they’ll need!



Here’s What to Do

1. Collect

For most new businesses, testimonials will likely be in short supply. Your experience has to have come from somewhere, however, even if you don’t have any outright service reviews just yet, what’s more than likely is that there are people out there who at least know what you can do.

Ask them for character references or, if you have worked with clients and customers previously, reach back out to them. You’d be surprised at how willing people will be to write you a quick review if you’ve given them great service.

2. Front and Centre

On your website, we’ll make sure your customers see what you need them to see. Pick the ones that make you look like a million dollars and our lovely designers will make sure your site visitors can’t miss them. Bear in mind that million-dollar reviews will:

  • Confirm your customer base
  • Answer customer queries
  • Show off what you’ve done

Getting a good mixture gives you a win-win-win – firstly, confirming that your potential new customers are in the right place, before putting their worries to rest and, lastly, verifying the fact that you’re the best company for the job.


3. Google Business Profile (GBP)

If you don’t have a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) set up, then open a new tab and get that sorted immediately. What is it, though? A GBP is that box that appears to the right of the Google results page. It shows all sorts of useful information about your business – including reviews. Thanks to GBP.

You can read more about why your small business should have a Google Business Profile right here.


How Can We Help?

At DotGO, we’ll make sure your new customers can’t miss the fantastic stories that your previous customers have shared. This can include:

  • Putting them front and centre on your Home Page
  • Plugging in a Testimonials widget, to make all of your Google reviews visible with ease
  • Adding drop-down listings, so you can choose which reviews to show first

Our Pro website package comes with four main pages so, if you’re wondering what to do with one of them, we can even dedicate an entire page to your reviews.

Passionate business owners can talk about how fantastic their product or service is until they’re blue in the face. We know – we do it all the time! It’s great in a face-to-face context but, online, it doesn’t translate quite as well, so let your customers do the talking for you.

(we do that too:

A few customer reviews, strategically placed on your Home Page and around your website, really can do wonders.



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