You may not know what they are – but you see them every time you browse the internet. Look up at your open tabs on your browser right now, see that icon before the websites name? That’s a favicon!

Ok, it may not seem much, but trust me, that tiny box of pixels makes a huge difference in terms of user experience. Internet users tend to have multiple tabs open at once, and having an eye pleasing favicon will help your website stand out – especially if someone is comparing your business to competitors.  Your favicon should be a memorable cue that stands, something that your customers remember at a glance.


Your brand on display

A favicon is an extension of your brand, whether it’s your company’s initials, your logo or some clever iconography, your favicon will be visible on more than just the tab bar.  Since May 2019, Google has been putting favicons on display in mobile search ranking pages, and whenever someone bookmarks your page the favicon will appear in their list of favourite and most visited websites.

Many websites have instantly recognisable favicons, like eBay’s coloured striped shopping bag to Amazons ‘a’ or Instagram’s camera icon, these are the internet equivalent of the golden arches or the Nike tick. Simpler is better when it comes to favicons.


Adding a favicon to your website

Typically, a favicon is square, 16x16 pixels and saved as a .ICO file, however as always at DotGO, we have made things easy for you. Just upload a .png of your logo and our editor will automatically resize, convert and create a favicon ready for use on your website.

We also have a number of pre-made favicons ready to use, and all of our websites have a placeholder favicon so that your website will always look professional



It’s important to remember that people view the website on different devices and tend to have multiple tabs open at once, a favicon is a small but important way to make sure your website stands out amongst the crowd.


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