If you normally work in an office, chances are you're working from home through lockdown. If you've never worked from home before you might be struggling to stay sane and stay productive.

Fabio wrote a great guide on some of the things that make remote working easier. If you're still struggling, here are a few more easy tips that you can implement to ensure that you keep on track at home!

Write a to-do list

Keep on track by setting yourself a to-do list everyday. Make sure you stay productive by always completing your daily jobs, even if you get interrupted. At the end of each day you will feel good about yourself knowing that you have had a productive day.

Set rules

If you live with someone else then you need to clearly define when you can and can't be disturbed. Quick chats can digress and eat into your working hours. So the next time your husband/wife attempts to initiate conversation, politely tell them you are working. If you are feeling brave, just ignore them and/or turn your back on them.

If you own pets or young children, the situation becomes a bit more difficult. Make it clear to your children that you can only be disturbed for emergencies such as fires, floods and things of that nature.

Make the most of your home

Like anything, working from home has it's advantages as well as it's disadvantages. One of the main benefits is that you can take full advantage of your kitchen. No more cold sandwiches and microwave meals. You've got the time during your lunch break to make a nice hot lunch that will actually fill you up and taste good.


If you want to improve your productivity at work then regularly exercise outside of working hours. Sitting at a desk all day isn't healthy for your mind or your body. However, exercise has been proven to reduce stress, increase energy and improve brain function.

Also, exercise has been shown to enhance brain function in the hippocampus region. Exercise releases endorphins into your body which also gives your mood a boost. Exercise regularly and you'll not only perform better, you'll feel better too.

Log out of social media

Social media is designed with one purpose in mind – to keep you scrolling. If you're browsing Twitter or Facebook you might find it difficult to click off, so avoid the temptation by logging out of your social media accounts. Don't log back in until your work day is finished.

Do you have any tips for working at home? Then get in touch with us at DotGO, because we'd love to hear them! Or if you need help with your website, get in touch because we'd be happy to help!


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