So here we are again. Lockdown 2.0 has come into full effect, and with it comes waves of uncertainty and a whole heap of unanswered questions.

We learnt a lot of tips and tricks to help our customers engage with their clients back in March, and in a time when your customers will be indoors and using the internet more than ever, we want to show you how you can use the full potential of your website editor to keep in contact with your visitors, and let them see important messages about how your business maybe changing over the coming weeks.


Page Pop-ups

Page pop-ups are great way to inform your website visitors of announcements the second they arrive on your website. Maybe your business hours have changed or you are now offering a delivery service. Possibly you are running a promotion in your online store? Christmas is only a few weeks a way now!

You can even style the pop-up with colour and bold font, as well as adding eye-catching imagery.

Here is a handy support article and video on how to create a page pop-up:


Contact Forms

Contact forms have always been a staple of business websites, they’re a fantastic way for your clients to reach out to you, and for you to gather tailored information from your website visitors. By choosing the fields you want your visitors to fill in, such as name, contact details and more, you can generate leads quickly and easily.

Now more than ever, a well-placed contact form is a great line of communication between your visitors and yourself.

Take a look at how you can create powerful contact forms here:

And for more information on the benefits of why your website should have a custom contact form, read this article:


Tidio Live Chat

Tidio offers a live chat solution that can be added to your website design, giving you a quick and convenient tool to interact with your customers instantly. Your visitors simply click a chat window on your website and can communicate with you through an app on your smart device or through your desktop browser.

Tidio is fantastic tool to engage with your website visitors, and it’s free!

There are some amazing premium tools that are worth investigating, such as chat bots and marketing features, but we really recommend you give the free version a spin and change the way you interact with your customers

You can discover more about Tidio here:

If you’re ready to get started, just follow this link:

You can find detail instructions on how to install Tidio here:


We hope that you have found this post helpful, and over the coming weeks as we travel through these unprecedented times together, we will share more tips and tricks to help you keep in touch with your customers.

We are all in this together.