Just like with any website, the ultimate goal is to take your visitors from their first arrival on your site to giving you a call or making a purchase as quickly as possible. With an average of only 15 seconds spent by each visitor on a website as a whole (only 15 seconds!?), you have very little time to capture your audience’s attention and move them through to that final decision. Don’t fret, though!

Here at DotGO, that’s what we do best. A huge part of getting those bookings “through the door” is having the right system in place to get them there. Fortunately, we’ve built a great many websites for hotels, B&Bs and camp sites in the past and have come up with a list of the best booking systems and calendars to use, depending on your business.


Booking Systems 

* Although we recommend these booking systems for us on DotGO websites, we cannot offer setup or support for 3rd party systems 


Freetobook gives you a really simple, easy and, best of all, free way to take bookings for your hotel or hostel, straight from your website. Simply create your account and add the booking button to your website. From there, you can show your availability, show different rates for different booking sizes and, more importantly, take those all-important bookings with ease!

Camp Manager

If you run a campsite or holiday park, Camp Manager offers a complete booking management system. It integrates seamlessly with the style of your website and you can even set it up with custom emails that match your branding, too! Take and manage bookings with ease, as well as enjoying the crown jewel of the system – an interactive site map! This gives you a complete behind-the-scenes look at your park or campsite, keeping track of who’s where and who’s paid up. It’s so much more than a booking system and one that, if you want to make the most of your camp site, you need to have!



If you’re not a techie, a fancy booking system that needs management behind the scenes may not be for you. That’s absolutely fine! We’ve still got loads of handy features that can elevate your website and make that decision to pick up the phone that much easier for your customers. Take a look:

Availability Calendar

Simple and straightforward, Availability Calendar is a simple plugin that shows your available dates in green and your booked ones in red. The widget is plain by design, so it can fit with your website’s style, however you choose to brand.

Airbnb Calendar

If you’re advertising your rental on Airbnb, you can connect your listing there to your site and display it, clear as day. This one isn’t a plugin, so to speak – it requires a little bit of coding (that might sound spooky, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!). We’ll have your Airbnb listing featured on your site, so people can click straight through and book right there.


With the right booking systems and calendars in place, it’s easier to attract business than ever before! There’s always more you can do, though, to make sure people stick around when they land on your website. Here’s a list of some top features to include on your website, to grab peoples’ attention and keep them invested in what you have to offer . Does your website tick the boxes? If you’ve yet to build one with DotGO, we’ll make absolutely sure that it does!


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