When a business owner hires an accounting firm, they are paying for much more than for an accountant to simply prepare financial statements – they are paying for professional financial advice.

Payroll advice and tax planning, budgeting, growth sustainability, these are the services and insight that business owners turn to you for. Why? Simple, you're the professional.

Of course, your customers could do it themselves, and in fact many businesses do, but they lack the experience and resources a professional who lives in the accounting world has access to.

The same should be taken into account when you consider building a website for your accountancy firm.

Turn to a website design professional.


This is where DotGO come in.

As an accountant, you need a website that works. We'll build you a professional, attractive, focused website that clearly lays out your services and tells your potential customers just why what you do is so vital! We'll work with you every step of the way, to make sure we get it right and provide something that's going to work hard for you, too. Here's how we do it:


You'll be assigned your own designer who'll discuss your services in detail, and work out exactly what you offer. They'll offer advice on breaking your services down into easily-understandable chunks, using your Main Pages, dedicated service pages and ways to help your customers navigate the website.

You know your industry like the back of your hand, and they know how to design websites that catch the eye and bring clarity to your customers. Together, you'll be able to define what your services are and ensure that every customer who comes to you knows just what they're signing up for.


You'll work with a professional content writer, before your designer starts building, who'll talk with you in detail about the services you provide. They'll work hard to capture your voice and put you across on the page in the way that you want, while communicating what you do in a way that's clear, simple to understand and, most importantly, breeds trust with the reader. Of course, you know finance a lot better than they do, so we make this a collaborative process. You'll have the chance to make amendments to the content before the build stage begins, to ensure that no important details have been missed or mistakes made.

Manage Your Own Accounting Website

A successful business necessarily changes over time and your website will change with it. We equip you with the tools to make changes to content and design any time you like. That way, you can go through our process without fear of things being “set in stone.” As an accountant, you need an effective website that changes with you and your business. 

For further clarity, you'll also have a range of additional tools at your disposal so, if things change last-minute, you can always let your customers know.


Should I build my own website for my accounting firm?

There are dozens of build-your-own website platforms out there that are pretty simple to use. All you need to do is find a template and start uploading photos and adding content…

But ask yourself, you want a templated website? Knowing that hundreds if not thousands of other websites out there look identical to yours? DotGO never use templates, we build all of our websites to be as unique as the businesses we work with.

Do you have the time? Building a website, the right way, takes time. It requires research into the correct keywords. It means finding the right images that complement your branding. It means writing all of the website copy so that is properly optimized to get you indexed on Google.

After all, a website can look great with the right template – but if the content isn't optimized for a search engine, you're never going to get found…


So, why should DotGO build my bookkeeper website?

We've worked with hundreds of companies just like yours, creating bespoke websites at affordable prices and offering next-level customer support and account management.

Don't believe us? Just take a look at some of our latest business service examples.


Here are some accounting firms we have recently designed and built:

Let DotGO build you a stunning website that shows off what you do and puts peoples' finance fears to bed. Get in touch now to get started!



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