Having an attractive place online for people to land on, to see your work, and be able to contact you easily, gives you a great head start over other carpenters in your area.


A business card is not enough

Most project managers are no longer living in the 1990s, so the traditional methods of marketing only go so far. For sure, if you are good at your job, your reputation will precede you, but being able to prove you are good at your job, with pictures of your work, and a list of your services, is a huge advantage.


Telling customers about your specialism

Many tradespeople in carpentry and joinery specialise in different aspects of the trade. For example, you may focus on furniture building, or on helping to refurbish commercial properties. By showcasing the very best of your work in your favourite type of work, you will encourage more of these kind of enquiries. Whether you prefer domestic or commercial work, you can tailor your website to generate the kind of customers you want.


Create a portfolio

With DotGO websites, you will have the opportunity to display your best work in an attractive gallery. As long as you have pictures of your craftsmanship, we can include them on your website. As an experienced and skilled carpenter you should rightly be proud of your work, and your potential customers can see the quality of your trade, and choose for themselves whether to hire you.


Show what you can do

Many people in joinery and carpentry create kitchens, stairwells, summerhouses, or can build the timber framework for a house. If your clients can see that this is part of your repertoire, you have a great advantage if this is what they are looking for. You can tailor each page on your website to attract clients interested in that service, and our content writers can help to optimise the website to make sure it has the best possible chance on search engines.


DotGO are here to help with every part of your website project.

Handcrafting your website

Where you are an expert in woodwork and joinery, so our website builders create beautifully designed and constructed pages to list your services, and show to your customers the best work that you do. We will work with you to make sure your website depicts you in the best possible light, and that it’s personal to you too.


You can either send us your best pictures of your work, or we can source high quality stock images for you. The choice is entirely yours. Either way, the website will provide a warm welcome to online visitors, and make it easy for them to contact you, generating leads and interest in hiring you as a tradesperson. Our talented designers will incorporate your logo, or design a new one for you if you wish, and incorporate all your preferred colours and company slogans into your website.


You will also have your own content writer, to take stock of all the different aspects of your craft, and they will write up your business in the best possible light. Our copywriters are fully up-to-date with all the latest developments in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to give you the very best chance of being found online by your potential customers.


With DotGO, you receive ongoing customer service for the lifetime of the website. Better still, you will have the opportunity to amend and adjust the website yourself going forwards. Our helpful designers will show you how to use the editor, and you can then make as many changes or additions you wish as your business develops and grows.


Better still, we provide a range of tools to let you tell your customers about any changes to your business.


Should I build my own joinery website?

There are many pitfalls to creating a website that are not initially apparent to the uninitiated. For example, having the right domain name, and making sure the website is hosted on that domain property. DotGO will also take care of all image rights for you, with access to a huge range of stock pictures that will cover almost any eventuality of your carpentry trade. Our designers at DotGO will also take care of all the background details to make sure the website looks as great on a mobile phone as it does on a widescreen PC monitor.

Why should I come to DotGO for a website?

While there are many businesses who offer a professional website building package, at DotGO we believe we offer the very best available in terms of value for money, build quality, and overall service. Our Trustpilot score backs up this view, with over 500 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

We’ve built websites for many carpenters and other tradespeople in the past, and you can view them here:




You can have a website fully built for your business, and concentrate on your carpentry in the knowledge that your online presence is being looked after by the experts at DotGO.



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