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Many builders rely on word-of-mouth for their business. There is nothing wrong with this at all. Performing building work to a high standard is a great form of advertising in itself. However, getting work this way is not always reliable. All it needs is one false rumour, or a cheaper rival in the area, and word-of-mouth trade may suddenly evaporate. Having a website shields you against these changes, and also supplements your word-of-mouth enquiries.


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Generating trust and authority

When project managers or property developers hear of your work, the first thing most of them will do is look up your website on their phone. If you don't have a website it reduces your chances of being contacted. With the trade being afflicted by cowboy tradesmen, it is vital that your business appears as reputable and trustworthy as possible.

Show off your work

Every tradesperson and builder should be proud of their work, and a website is a great place to showcase this. If you have pictures of your brickwork, plastering, new builds, or roofing, which show your business in a good light, having a portfolio of your work on a website is a great advertisement for your company.

Great for new businesses too

A professional, well-designed website gives a good impression, even if you have not yet built up a gallery of your previous work. Your contact details will be easy to find, and nearby people looking for a business like yours on search engines will also begin to find you organically. DotGo are here to help build your website.


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Building websites for builders

In the same way that you are an expert at constructing buildings, so we are experts at constructing websites. Each website we build is professional, attractive, and designed to generate serious enquiries. We can work with you every step of the way, to make sure your website gives an accurate and impressive picture of what you do.


We'll work with you to include your best pictures, your company logos and branding, and the different services you perform so potential customers will be suitably impressed and want to call for a quote. We can even make this part of the process easier for you, by creating customised contact forms, so your clients can send details of their work to you directly, enabling you to call back right away with an accurate estimate.


Along with an experienced and talented designer, you'll also have a content writer work with you to talk with you in detail about the different services you perform, and which kind of customers you want to attract. In this way all the different aspects of your building work can be listed and your customers can see which services you can perform, and decide for themselves if you are the right company for them.


As with even the very best building work, a good website requires ongoing maintenance to keep it up-to-date. You may wish to include any additional services or projects you have completed over the months and years since, or simply change a phone number or email address. With our websites, you will be shown how to edit every detail, and we've made changing wording and adding images easy, so you have complete control over what services you advertise and when.

Better still, you also have our range of tools to let your customers know about any changes to your business


Should I build my own construction website?

There are many places where you can build your own website, and it's easy enough to create a simple, templated page. However, making a website that gives a professional and capable impression is another matter.

There are so many things to consider. For example, a good domain name, and making sure it is secure and always shows your website. You will need to ensure you have the rights to all the images you use on the website too: many new businesses fall foul of this, and end up being charged hundreds by stock photo companies. Will the wording do enough to attract customers from search engines? DotGO will look after all this and more, so you don't have to worry about all the technical parts of taking care of your website.


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Why should I come to DotGO for a construction website?

We've built websites for hundreds of businesses in the construction industry, helping them find more work, and flourish in an ever-competitive industry. With our ongoing support, and high standards of design and writing, all the infrastructure is there to allow a building company to develop and grow, attracting more work going forwards.

Here are some of the superb builders and construction websites we have designed and created.

You can have a website built by the experts at DotGO, and concentrate on your construction in the knowledge that your online presence is being looked after.


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