Provide and Collect Extra Info

Offer your customers final advice or information before they click that “buy” button.




Turn windows shoppers into repeat customers with a DotGO ecommerce website.

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The more they know, the better. 

Ensuring that your customers acknowledge important information could be crucial for your business. Maybe you need them to follow a specific process, or to accept terms and conditions - you need your customers to 'agree' to what you are presenting them.

A checkbox gives you comfort (and insurance) that your customers are playing by your rules.

Just another small - but useful - feature of found in our ecommerce website design suite.



Why does this matter?

You might have a final message you want to send to your customers before they buy from you. 


  • They may need extra information. 
  • They may need instructions on how to operate what they’ve bought. 


  • Encourage customers to come back. 
  • Give them a little discount on their next purchase. 
  • This is fantastic for customer retention! 


What do we do?

We let you set up an additional checkbox that requires a “click” of agreement before customers proceed. 

Before Checkout 

  • The check box will appear before they proceed to checkout. 
  • They MUST check the box in order to proceed. 

Enable or Disable 

  • Check this option “on” or “off” in the basket manager. 
  • Add whatever text you like. 


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Provide and Collect Extra Info

Offer your customers final advice or information before they click that “buy” button.

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