Manage your inventory with smart item management.

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Running your back-room has never been easier.

Edit, add, pause and remove your online shops items in bulk with DotGO's item management system, including in all of our ecommerce website design packages.

No matter the number of items, filter through and make amendments in seconds.



Why does this matter?

If you can’t manage your items effectively, your website isn’t doing its job. You need to be able to do it with ease.


  • You might have 20 items or 2000.
  • You need to be able to filter them quickly, to find certain ones.

On Top

  • If you’re not able to keep on top of your items, they’ll be disordered.
  • You won’t be able to sort through them properly.
  • Your website will end up a mess.

What do we do?

We provide you with a multitude of tools, to help you manage your items and order them behind the scenes.


  • Your online “stock room” displays all of your items.
  • Increase or decrease the prices of large numbers of items all at once.


  • Switch between different filters to find item groups quickly.
  • Create new groups with ease.
  • Populate new groups quickly for promotions and sales.


  • Make bulk edits across your stock room.
  • Our system makes big changes a little job.


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