Group your products together using smart rules, making your shop easier to build as you grow.

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Think of groups and categories as your online shops shelves and aisles.

By being able to group your items together, and by create categories of similar items, you can signpost your customers through your online store with ease.

How you then choose to layout these groups and categories is up to you, using our pre-generated styling options to find a fit that works best for your online shop.



Why does this matter?

Different items have different strengths and different elements that you’ll want to draw attention to.


  • You need different layout options to highlight these strengths.
  • Without this choice, vital details can be lost on your customers.

Every Brand is Different

  • With some products, you can see them all side by side.
  • With others, you’ll need a closer look at each one.
  • Whichever you choose, the layout of your shop has to match your brand.


What do we do?

We give you the option to present your Categories and Groups in a way that draws the right attention to the right places.


  • Choose between three different category options.
  • Menu Style gives more detail about the category in question.
  • Slider Style gives you more focus on each item.
  • Grid style puts everything on display.


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