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Presentation is everything.

Just because your shop is online doesn't mean you can't offer the extra touches that a brick and mortar store offers - simple additions such as a gift wrapping service are a great way to provide extra value to your customers.

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Why does this matter?

Nobody wants to receive an unwrapped gift. It’s the little extra thought that makes the difference.


  • Gift wrapping puts that extra shine on any gift you send.
  • Give people the option of a complete gifting service

A Complete Service

  • People want convenience.
  • If you can take care of the wrapping for them, all the better!
  • This makes them far more likely to buy.


What do we do?

We give you the option to add a gift-wrapping charge on your site, if that’s a service you wish to provide.

One Click

  • Toggle the “Gift Wrapping” option on or off.
  • It only takes a click.

Set Your Price

  • Choose how much you want to charge.
  • The cost is automatically added on at checkout.


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