Telling Google about your products is as important as telling your customers.

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Make sure your products get found.

You've uploaded your products, taken amazing photos, written great descriptions and created groups and categories - your online shop is ready to open.

But where are your customers?

Like with any webpage, you need to tell Google that you are open for business using Search Engine Optimisation.



Why does this matter?

Google needs to know what products you're selling, or else it won't show them to searchers.

Get Ranked

  • Google's “Shopping” section is an absolute goldmine.
  • The more descriptive you can be for Google, the more likely it is to suggest your products there.
  • “Shopping” results appear at the top of Google search pages.

Get Found

  • People will search for your products on Google.
  • Your “meta data” is the first thing they'll see.
  • This gives you the chance to tell them about what you're selling.


What do we do?

We tell Google about each item in your store and encourage your search listings to read how you want.

Every Item

  • Every item has an “SEO” section.
  • There, you can input exactly what you want Google to tell customers.

Don't Spam

  • If you spam, Google will ignore what you've written.
  • It will pull the description from elsewhere on your item page.

Make it Real

  • Keep it to-the-point.
  • Make it accurate.
  • Do that and Google will tell your customers exactly what you want.


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