Make sweeping changes to all of your products in an instant, allowing you to have full control over your stock.

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Managing your stock has never been so easy!

As well as being able to upload all of the information about your items all in one go using our bulk item uploader, you can also add edit of your items en-masse as well.

Just another way DotGO are saving you time and making building an online shop super easy!.



Why does this matter?

If you can’t make easy changes to multiple items at the same time, you’ll waste hours doing it individually.

Control the Backroom

  • You need to be able to categorise your backroom.
  • If you can’t, it’s impossible to keep tabs on your items.
  • You can lose track of what’s in your store.

Mistakes = Losses

  • This leads to mistakes on your store front.
  • They look unprofessional and can confuse the user.
  • These mistakes will cost you vital sales.


What do we do?

We’ve created the Bulk Editor tool, which allows you to make large and small changes to many items.

Bring Order

  • Sort by name, price, item code etc.
  • Search your stock room with any criteria you want.
  • Remove columns of tools you’re not using.
  • See how many images you have of each item.

Make Changes

  • Make mass changes to many items at once.
  • Put sales on certain items, for example.
  • Use the bulk editor tool to make changes to specific items, all at the same time.


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