Covid-19 has had a transformative effect on the way businesses function, as people look at new ways to stay afloat. Staying on top of these new trends will help your business adapt and evolve. If you're looking for new ideas, then have a read for some of the latest trends that we are noticing in the business landscape.

Less need for offices

Many businesses have tried or been forced to try remote working during lockdown. For those that have seen productivity remain the same, then there is little reason to revert back to old ways. With less need for business space, businesses will be able to save money and repurpose existing office space.

Increased outsourcing

Businesses will be very anxious about increasing staff size, when there is the potential for second waves, local lockdowns and further decreases in demand. During peak times, businesses will be far more likely to use outsourcing rather than hiring new workers. These practise will become the norm until the economy returns to some degree of normalcy.

More freelancing

Similarly there will be a major increase in freelancing as businesses resist hiring workers on permanent basis for a significant time. This will give small businesses more flexibility as well as save time and cash.

Less face to face interactions

Inevitably there will be a sharp decline in face to face meetings, which will affect all sectors from sales and marketing to hospitality and hotels. Remote and online communications will continue to be used and businesses that adapt to this will be well prepared for any future outbreaks.

Shift to online retailing

Many brick and mortar businesses were having problems before lockdown which Covid-19 has exacerbated. Naturally, more and more businesses will seek to focus on online retailing which has sustained less damage through the pandemic.

Live streaming demonstrations

Now that more people are staying at home and on their phones and computers, we may see live demonstration selling as a way to connect with customers. Businesses that adapt to new and innovative ways of engaging customers will benefit in the long run.

Cutting costs

As businesses see a decrease in cash flow, inevitably they will start to look at ways of becoming more efficient. Businesses will have to look at their existing outgoings and take serious cost cutting measures to survive into the new year.

It is clear that those who are ready to adapt, will be the ones that survive, and it will be interesting to see how business practices continue to evolve and change through the year. If you'd like to stay up to date with all the newest business trends, then check back regularly. Or if you'd like to speak to one of the team about an affordable business website, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at DotGO.



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