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Make your customers journey a simple one.

Creating pages with lots of dead ends, broken links and answers to burning questions buried under mounds on unrelated content is a sure-fire way to lose your website visitors attention span... and their business.

DotGO website designers are specialists at planning customer journeys through small business websites, call us today.



Why does this matter?

Directing people to the places they need to be is the core of customer conversion.

“I Can’t Find It!”

  • Customers need to find what they’re after quickly.
  • You need to break up your website into easy-to-digest chunks, with meaty info clearly indicated.

Customer Conversion

  • If potential customers can’t find what they’re after, they’ll get annoyed and leave.
  • Site navigability is at the absolute core of turning browsers into customers.

What do we do?

We make sure your website is easy to navigate, so customers find the info they need quickly.

Sign Posts

  • We clearly signpost your site, so customers can see where they’re going.
  • The navigation bar makes different pages simple to identify.
  • Drop-down menus help you draw attention to specific services.

Calls to Action

  • Sometimes, the direct approach is the best.
  • CTAs throughout the content direct the site user on exactly what to do.
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