Custom Forms

Collect contact details and valuable information, connecting you with your customers.




Missed details equals missed opportunities. Collect the information you need with ease.

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Turn website visitors into prospects.

Your website visitors want information - they want to know how much, how long and how good are you at your job. The more information they can provide you, the better you can tailor a unique response.

Custom contact forms allows you to provide your visitor with a way to reach out to you and for your website to begin generating leads.



Why does this matter?

When taking details, a phone call doesn’t quite suit. Details are easily lost, and some client's aren't ready to commit to a phone conversation.

Getting it Wrong

  • You could mistype phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Can you even read your handwriting?

Make it Easy

  • Cover all the contact basics.
  • Let your customers come to you.
  • Get the right info, asking for as much as you need.

Understanding Websites

  • DotGo understand how websites should be designed so that they are easy to navigate and are super fast to load. Trust us to build your small business website design.

What do we do?

We create simple-to-use forms, so your website captures every scrap of info you need.

Multiple Sections

  • Take names, numbers and email addresses with ease.
  • Ask a variety of questions.
  • Make certain sections compulsory.

Hold Their Attention

  • Engage them quickly.
  • Signpost important information.

Hard-Working Websites

  • We give your customers every opportunity to get in touch.
  • Forms are simple, concise and easy to complete.


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