Webpage Structure

Every page of your site is designed to be easily navigable and to deliver information quickly.




Planning your website structure is vital if you want your site to succeed in delivering the right messages to your visitors.

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Every Website Needs a Plan.

Knowing how you want to structure your website before building it is extremely important. You can plan how pages will connect, where you want to lead your visitors and what the purpose of different sections of your website are.

A small business website designs success hinges on how well it has been thought out before a single pixel is added to it's design.



Why does this matter?

Your website visitors have no patience and your competitors are only a click away.

Inform People Fast

  • If something’s important, it must be easy to find.
  • If anything’s new, that should be instantly obvious.
  • Anything unique needs to be emphasized.

Encourage Interaction

  • It’s the whole point of your website.
  • If your site isn’t set up to get people involved, it’s not doing its job.

What do we do?

We set up each one of your webpages in a way that makes finding things easy and that Google loves to see.

Define Structure

  • We select the right pages to build.
  • They’re long enough for Google to consider them relevant and authoritative.
  • They’re navigable, offering up content easily.

Break It Down

  • Sometimes, it’s sensible to break bigger pages into smaller ones.
  • These “Deep Pages” contain collections of services, listings and digestible info, as well as…

Signposts and CTAs

  • All pages clearly tell visitors what we want them to know and to do.
  • Calls to Action send visitors toward contact pages, phone numbers and forms.


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Collect contact details and valuable information, connecting you with your customers.

Responsive Design

Your website looks great on all devices, adapting instantly to the visitor.


We learn your business, your competitors and your customers, so we can build a site that’s perfect for your needs.


Your website is easily navigable, making important information simple to find.

Webpage Structure

Every page of your site is designed to be easily navigable and to deliver information quickly.


A place to highlight important topics that don’t get the attention you think they deserve.

Deep Pages

Mini pages that focus on specific services, affirming your authority in those areas.

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