Give your visitors instant confidence in your abilities with the words of other happy customers.




Build customer trust with legitimate reviews and testimonials.

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A positive review goes a long way with your prospective clients.

Here at DotGO we flaunt each and everyone one of our amazing customer reviews, because we know the hard-work and energy that has gone into each of the website designs we have created for our customers.

The same should be for your customer reviews - share them with the world and be proud of what you accomplish.



Why does this matter?

The best way to build trust in your business and your skillset is through the words of real people.

Encourage Customers

  • Nothing is more encouraging to a potential customer than testimonials.
  • Stories from real people make that much more impact.


  • You need to assure your customers that your services are worthwhile.
  • The words of other customers are much more valuable than yours, in that regard.

What do we do?

We can include a testimonials section anywhere on your website and make sure potential customers see it.

Draw the Eye

  • We make sure they’re seen.
  • We do this by animating them beautifully, or displaying them front and centre.

Sing Your Praises

  • Each testimonial shouts about you in a different way.
  • We can display as many or as few as you want.
  • If you no longer like one that’s being displayed, it’s easy to remove.


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Give your visitors instant confidence in your abilities with the words of other happy customers.


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