Slider images are animated banners where you can deliver your big promotional messages.

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We’re here to pimp your slides.

Large slider images are a great way to draw attention. You can place promotions or calls to action on a large images, accompanied by buttons.

Play with the many different styling options size options to find the right slider for your small business website design.



Why does this matter?

Your visitors look for all sorts of info when they arrive on your website. Give them options to explore.

Let Them Choose

  • Your visitors need to find the info you want them to.
  • They need it fast, or they’ll move on to the next site.
  • Give them options to pick from.

Direct Traffic

  • There’ll be various parts of your site that you want your users to see.
  • You need to give them the choice, fast.

What do we do?

We implement sliders, displaying various imagery, as well as calls to action, directing users around your site.


  • We implant imagery to catch the eye of your visitors.
  • We can add buttons, sending people to important areas of your site.
  • They can feature calls to action, telling your customers exactly what to do.
  • We’ll design the text, buttons and graphics to look beautiful.

Slide On

  • We put image sliders right at the top of your home page.


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