QR Codes

Quickly send your customers to specific areas of your site, with just a wave of their phone.




Having made a resurgence, QR Codes are a fantastic, interactive way to get visitors to your business website.

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The right code in the right place makes all the difference to the right customer.

We can turn anyone of your webpages into a QR code. They make a great addition on business cards, flyers and banners and are super easy to interact with - all you need is a smart phone.

Talk to your Dedicated Designer about adding generating QR codes for your small business website design.



Why does this matter?

You need innovative ways to market your website. the more traffic you can drive to your website, the better!


  • Google loves it when people find your website independently.
  • It sees that as a stamp of approval on your content.
  • Google will rank you more highly in it’s searches as a result.

External Traffic

  • QR codes are ideal for linking people, externally, to your website.
  • By presenting the right QR code in the right place, you can put people exactly where you want them.
  • They’re perfect for putting on business cards, in shop windows, on vans and on products.

What do we do?

We provide a full QR area inside your website’s control panel, where you can manage all your codes.

Instant Generation

  • Your control panel generates an individual code for every page of your site.
  • We generate two version for you.
  • One is for digital emails and text.
  • The other is specifically for print.


  • We ensure that your QR codes are always readable.

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QR Codes

Quickly send your customers to specific areas of your site, with just a wave of their phone.


Keep your text consistent with your website and alter it instantly, with just a few clicks.

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