Your logo is your companies insignia, it must be visible for all your visitors to see.

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Instant recognition.

A logo is more than your companies names composed in a nice font with a flashy image - it's the embodiment of your brand.

Make sure that everyone can see it, but think about what you want it to actually convey. A good logo design should be well-thought out and embraced by you and your customer base.

Speak to our team of designers if you are looking for a logo design for your small business.



Why does this matter?

Without a logo, your site lacks the finishing touch that makes you look official.

Your Brand

  • A Logo gives your site a professional feel.
  • It makes you look official.
  • If you don’t have one, customers will question your authenticity


  • A logo is the best way to succinctly show your customers what you and your business is about.

What do we do?

We make sure your logo appears on every page of your website.


  • Every page features your logo in the top left-hand corner, connecting people back to your home page.
  • This means no “dead ends” anywhere on your site.

Make a Statement

  • If you don’t have a Logo, we can design a simple one for you.*

    * Only for Pro. and Ecommerce website packages.


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